How to Make Special Education Curriculum in 9 Steps?

How to Make Special Education Curriculum in 9 Steps?

Before planning a special education curriculum, you should be familiar with what special education is. Special education is a kind of education that focuses on students’ individual differences, disabilities, or special needs. It is also called special-needs education, aided education, or exceptional education.

In some cases, needs students may enroll in a general education setting and get special education services besides general education. This situation helps students socialize and their grades increase.

Can You Find Special Education Curriculum PDF or Free Special Education Curriculum?

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While you are looking for a special education curriculum, you may feel overwhelmed. Because besides having individual needs, every school or every class requires a different curriculum. Of course, you may check the curriculums that have already been written, however, it may not match the needs of your students. At this point, you can start developing your own curriculum. Here are some tips to support you.

1- Find the Intention of  Your Curriculum


What is the main purpose of your curriculum? How do you plan to support your students with it? What is your mission? How are you going to achieve it? These are the questions that you need to find answers to. Please know that this first step is crucial for your curriculum. It is the foundation of it. You can discuss this with your colleagues or your management. Do not forget to get the necessary admission requirements.

2- Decide on Your Age Group: Special Education Curriculum High School


What age group are you going to work with? Will you start with kindergarten and go onto middle school and high school?  Whatever you decide, please keep in mind that the process of developing a special education curriculum is not easy or it does not happen overnight. You need time, energy, and patience to see the end of the road.

3- See How It is Done by Others: Special Education Curriculum in the Philippines


Before you start planning your special education curriculum, you can check examples in the world. Philippine’s education is one of the best. Also, did you know that Philippines guarantees to all its citizens with special needs are supported by access to education? They can improve their skills and they can be productive members of society thanks to the government’s principles.

4- Straighten Your Roots and Grow Up High


How are you going to enrich learning environment of special needs students? What experiences can the students have? Where are you going to visit as an educational trip? These questions will build your second step. Do your research. Find extracurricular activities that support your students’ improvement.

5- Decide: How Wide or Narrow


What contents are you going to cover? How are the contents going to be sequenced? What schemas are you going to use? How are they going to relate to other subjects? How will each schema progress? These are not easy questions, yes you must find the answers. Take your time to study each program and make important choices.

Remember: It is important for your curriculum include social studies, science social studies, life skills, social skills, math, reading, and certain principles while teaching in the classroom.

One more question- an essential one:

Will Your Special Education Curriculum Aligned with Common Core?

As mentioned before, there are some schools that offer special education curriculum along with the common core. There are both advantages and disadvantages of it. On your way to developing your own special education curriculum, you should decide whether you do it or not.

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6- Plan How to Deliver What in Your Special Education Curriculum

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After you finish up your long-term plan, you must decide the context that you will deliver with your schema. Every unit you design should be sequenced, cohesive, and pedagogically acceptable. You should consider how the subject and skills will be taught, practiced, and developed.

7- Check the Special Education Curriculum Catalogs for Materials


When it comes to choosing required materials that you are going to use throughout the year, you can check catalogs. Some of the publishers focus on the curriculums for special education. You must be careful about what to use. Make sure the material fits in the curriculum and it supports your students’ growth.

8-  Self-reflect: Does It Really Works or Do You Need Special Education Curriculum Companies Help

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You have a completed special education curriculum. Note what goes well, what needs to change, or what needs to be developed. If you feel like your curriculum does not match your expectations or your students’ needs, there is always a chance to get professional help. There are companies that design and develop curriculums according to your principles and purposes.

9- An Extraordinary Situation : Online Special Education Curriculum

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After Covid-19, like many schools, you may have to teach your students who have special needs online. In online education, to make sure, you and your students feel safe and sound, you need instructional strategies, learning tools that are user-friendly, and good communication skills.

To sum up, it can easily be said that making a special education curriculum is a long and hard process. You need to be dedicated, supported, and driven to be able to complete it.