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Edutechclass.com collects some data from site and newsletter members. These data obtained from users and visitors are never shared with third parties or institutions. All of the data received from website visitors is also secured and protected under the privacy policy.

Edutechclass.com has the right to publish comments made by visitors or members in a way that does not harm their rights in any way. The data on the website do not have any concerns about carrying academic value. The information on the website containing the tips given in the field of education must be approved by experts in this field.

Processing of User Data

Edutechclass.com records some statistical data to provide a better service to its visitors. These data are recorded only to provide a better service without harming the personal rights of individuals or institutions.

Personal Data Received with the Membership Form

Some personal information is also collected from people who are members of the Edutechclass.com website. None of this personal data is shared with third parties or institutions. The purpose of the personal data obtained with the membership form is to collect information and provide a better service to the visitors. At the same time, this personal data can be used to inform website members about various events or updates.

Redirect Links to Other Sites

Edutechclass.com may also redirect to other sites related to the subject in some texts. In such a case, the privacy rules of the redirected site become valid. Edutechclass.com website is not responsible in any way for the data shared as a result of redirecting to other sites.

Notifications to Users

Edutechclass.com website may send notifications about newsletters to members who create memberships. It is also possible to cancel these notifications sent by e-mail. If you want to turn off notifications, you can write to the site administrator or leave the newsletter.

Edutechclass.com Privacy Policy Validity

Edutechclass.com is obliged to protect and store the data received from visitors or members following its privacy policy. Anyone who visits Edutechclass.com becomes a member or comments, is deemed to have accepted the privacy policy.