What is the Mission of Mc2 Stem High School?

What is the Mission of Mc2 Stem High School?

Have you ever heard about Mc2 Stem High School? Do you know where it is? What is its mission? What philosophy do they follow to benefit students? Do all the students who want to enroll be accepted? What programs and courses do they teach?

Mc2 Stem High School is a high school which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is one of the best schools in the school district of many states. The motto of the academy speaks for itself: Innovate. Enrich. Engage.

Mc2 Stem High School offers trans-disciplinary curriculum for all of the students in it, including Grade 9 and Grade 10. It is a well-designed learning center where all the students can find opportunity to grow big.

What is the Mission of Mc2 Stem High School?

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The mission of the school is the statement of what it stands for. Here is the mission of Mc2 Stem High School. They aim to be the leader of STEM learning which can happen in a non-traditional way. After middle school, students can come to Mc2 Stem, and have an extraordinary trans-disciplinary curriculum, lots of projects, and be partners with the members of the community.

In other words, the target of Mc2 Stem High School is to create a learning environment which is based on the main disciplines of Stem. The main disciplines are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Working on these disciplines before college supports students improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is also important for the students to have an inner motivation to reach their academic, personal and community aims so that they can pursue a satisfying career.

What Should You Know About Mc2 STEM High School?


It is understandable if you have questions, no matter if you are a parent or a student. To be able to get answers, you can check frequently asked questions  on the official website of Mc2 Stem High School: https://www.mc2stemhighschool.org/ . You can also find many useful information there to help you.