The Best 10 Adult Piano Lesson

The Best 10 Adult Piano Lesson

Do you play the piano or have you ever taken an adult piano lesson? Would you like to learn how to play the piano? Or would you like to improve your piano playing skills even though you have not touched a single key in years? If so, it is never to late. You can play the piano.

Online Piano Lessons for Adults

When you become an adult, you may not have time for yourself as you wish. The reason for that is you carry a lot of responsibilities, and you do not have time because of work, household chores, children or so on. So, the best way to get an adult piano lesson may be taking up an online course.

Another reason you may want to have your adult piano lesson online can be the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though the new variants of Covid-19 seem to be less harmful, we can never be too secure. As everyone else, you may prefer to be at home as much as possible.

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Online courses are not the only options for having an adult piano lesson, you can also take courses face to face. Here is a list of 10 best adult piano lessons you can find online or face to face:

1- Online Piano Institute: World Class Remote Piano Instruction

Online Piano Institute offers attendances tailor made courses. Even you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can benefit from the courses. You can take your adult piano lesson in 3 different ways:

  • Group online lessons
  • One to one online lessons
  • Intensive online lessons

If you care to take up your adult piano lesson in Online Piano Institute, you need 3 basic requirements: A piano, a phone, a laptop or a computer, and an internet connection. The Online Piano Institute recommends to have a larger screen while practicing the piano. So you can prefer a computer instead of your phone.

2- Piano Ecademy

It is a course which specializes on giving adult piano lesson in Australia. They offer online piano lessons, that is why you do not have to be in Australia to take up their piano courses. They give one on one piano lessons online. The main aim of Piano Ecademy is to make their attendances feel confident and creative.

If you would like to have an adult piano lesson in Piano Ecademy, you do not have to pay right away. You can have a free tutorial, which is called Meet & Greet session. Therefore, you can meet your teacher and see it the course is the right fit for you.

3- Online Piano Coach: Learn Piano Anytime

This course has been working on adults especially who are in the beginner level of playing the piano. In the adult piano lesson of Online Piano coach, you can learn how to hold your hands, the layout of the keyboard, names of the keys, and piano fingering.

If you care to take up your adult piano lesson in Online Piano Coach, you are required to have a keyboard or a piano, time to spare to yourself, an internet connection and a computer or a laptop. Even a smartphone will work.


4- Cynthia Ali Studios: Learn and Enjoy Music

The owner of Cynthia Ali Studios is Cynthia Ali. She is a Nationally Certificated Teacher of Music (NCTM) in piano. She is proud to say: ‘It is never too late to take piano lessons.’, and encourages adults to try an adult piano lesson in Cynthia Ali Studios. They offer a flexible schedule for adults, so they can feel free during the lessons.

If you would like to have an adult piano lesson in Cynthia Ali Studios, you can book a lesson only for 25 dollars per hour. The lessons will be specifically designed for you. You will have one on one lessons on your own piano. The lessons are being held on Zoom.

5- Chatalbash Lessons

Sara Chatalbash is the owner, runner and one of the teachers in Chatalbash Music Lessons. She has been playing the piano for more than 30 years now, she noticed 3 main mistakes that have been made especially giving an adult piano lesson:

  • Not giving enough space to students to explore themselves during the lessons.
  • Being depended on the piano teacher.
  • Stress, anxiety and quit.

If you care to take up your adult piano lesson in Chatalbash Lessons, you can get an intro lesson for free. And also, if you do not feel so sure about whether you should take piano lessons or not, you can visit the official website of Chatalbash Lessons and take the quiz on it. No worries, it takes only 15 seconds!

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6- Dia Piano School: Our Passion Is Piano

Dia Piano School is a music school which specializes teaching piano. They believe that learning how to play the piano is special to a person. It is very unique and personal. That is the main reason why you can start having an adult piano lesson in any time in your life.

If you would like to have an adult piano lesson in Dia Piano School, you will meet skilled and well-trained pianists who are ready to teach you. They offer piano lessons to everyone who are at beginner level to advanced level. The main aim of their curriculum is to develop a technical foundation.


7- Skill Share

Skill Share is a platform where adult piano students can find beginner piano lessons, music sheet and even music education. An adult piano lesson in Skill Share can broaden your mind on your journey to play the piano. Skill share offer online classical music classes on basic piano online. Therefore, you can have a flexible schedule.

If you are willing to have an adult piano lesson in Skill Share, you can explore many different types such as blues, jazz, rock or blues. It does not matter if you are a beginner piano student or an advanced one, you can understand the music theory and reading sheets.

8- Udemy: The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginner’s Course

If you want to have an adult piano lesson in your own time and in your own way, Udemi offers you the best course, which is called The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginner’s Course. This course can be a perfect match for the ones who have spent some time away the piano, or never played it yet.

Thanks to the adult piano lesson on Udemy: The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginner’s Course, people can see what to expect on their first lesson plan. The course offers you the following:

  • The practice of both right hand left hand
  • Elements of music
  • Fundamentals of the rhythm


9- Philadelphia Piano Institute: Professional Live Online Piano Lessons

The piano teachers of Philadelphia Piano Institute offer an online adult piano lesson via webcam on Zoom, Skype, or even Facetime. Either you have a piano or a keyboard, you can learn how to play it thanks to talented and caring piano teachers. It is never too late to accomplish your dreams.

Technology has been developing every day. Thanks to those developments, have an online adult piano lesson is the same as a face to face lesson. There are also many advantages for adults to take online lessons instead of having face to face lessons, such as flexibility of the schedule, not being obliged to leave home, and having lessons anywhere they want.

10- Musiah: A. I. Piano Lessons – The Best Online Piano Lessons

Musiah: A. I. Piano Lessons is a very future forward music course. They get the support of a new A. I (Artifical Intelligence) software to teach piano especially for the ones who wants to take offer an online adult piano lesson. The name of the artificial intelligence software is Musiah.

Musiah, your new artificially intelligent piano teacher, gives you an online adult piano lesson just the same as a live teacher. In this course, you will learn how to play the piano in both hands and reads notes. You can work on a keyboard or a digital piano. You can practice anywhere and any time you would like, which is a great advantage for adults.