13 Best Artificial intelligence Example in Real Life

13 Best Artificial intelligence Example in Real Life

Artificial intelligence example in real life has started to increase with the development of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the current technologies and has become increasingly important in recent years. So, What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence Examples in Real Life


Artificial intelligence is software that analyzes the data it obtains and performs the skills that belong to humans such as thinking ability, inference ability, speech ability. The future of artificial intelligence is an indication that many different technologies will be in artificial intelligence examples in daily life. Let’s see now where we use artificial intelligence?

1-  Google Lens and OCR

Google Lens is artificial intelligence example in real life of a huge technology based on artificial intelligence and accurate optical recognition. Lets you search anything through pictures. Just show lens a shoe to the camera, textual, an animal, a plant or a subject a lens can detect the type of object and give precise information about that thing in a matter of seconds. All this is possible due to the advancement of AI in the field of optical recognition and is an artificial intelligence example in real life.

Google Lens can now also make OCR and extract text from pictures easily. Almost all OCR software libraries, such as the Tesseract or TensorFlow, are artificial intelligence example in real life on AI to detect characters in an image. Smart crop and edge detection are powered by AI when you use apps like Scan or Lens. So indifferently, you actively use and benefit from AI in your daily life.

2- Smart Cars and Drones

When talking about artificial intelligence example in real life, it would not go without mentioning what smart car and drone manufacturers of this technology are doing with it. Just a few years ago automatic cars were a dream for drivers, but now companies like Tesla have made so much duration that we already have a fleet of semi-automatic wheel on the road.

Electric and automated cars are the best artificial intelligence example in real life. Do you know that the car electric cars are connected each other through the network and your car is taken to the service between all the cars? This means that it’s not enough for you to take an entire left at an intersection, their car will know how to take that turn once it’s updated. More than 650,000 electric cars operating in the US. alone, and that number will increase exponentially as major manufacturing problems are resolved. With autonomous cars and autonomous drones flying over us, you can’t deny the impact of artificial intelligence example in real life.


3- Smart Home Devices

Thanks to smart devices or internet of things that are artificial intelligence example in real life, we allow artificial intelligence to enter our homes willingly. Most of the smart home devices that internet of things we buy use AI to learn our behavior so that they can adjust the settings themselves to make the experience as seamless as possible for us. We have already mentioned the smart voice assistants that we use to control home devices, which are artificial intelligence example in real life, and as we know, they are the main examples of AI affecting our lives.

4- Security and Surveillance

Although we can all discuss the ethics of using a broad surveillance system, the fact that it is used and that artificial intelligence example in real life play a major role in this is undeniable. People can’t to continue to monitor multiple monitors with feeds from hundreds or even thousands of cameras at the same time, and therefore it makes perfect sense to use artificial intelligence.

5- What are The Effects Of Artificial Intelligence On Peoples Lives? – Digitial Assistance

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, which are artificial intelligence example in real life, made our lives easier. From reminding us to get a package to telling us a joke, they served to be great friends. This software is capable of recognizing the speech pattern and has the possibility of natural language processing. However, it has the potential to learn about the user by monitoring working hours screen time and other related factors. Thanks to the AI application, the software can practice learning and hearing just like a human.

6- Vacuum Bot

A vacuum bots falls into the robotic category of artificial intelligence example in real life. It uses multiple sensors to detect the size of the room, obstacles around it and avoid falling off the edges. Laser light sources mounted on the device give it access to the virtual vision. The product is equipped with a processor that allows vacuum bots to work in different modes, such as mopping only, sweeping only and both sweep-mating. If it detects that it needs to be recharged, it will plug in on its own. Smart technology, a artificial intelligence example in real life, has made cleaning easy and fun.


7- Job Search Applications

A range of job search sites use deep learning of artificial intelligence example in real life to learn more about their users and requirements. The software used by these applications allows consumers to get the best opportunities by recommending the jobs they are interested in, the posts they may like, the employee who meets their criteria, etc.

8- ChatBot

Machine learning daily life examples such as chatbot is software designed to mimic human speech. Chatbot, artificial intelligence example in real life, is busy with possible questions that users can ask, and accordingly knows the answer to each one. Many of us, without realizing it, contacted the chatbot and handled our transactions. This is due to the efficiency that AI allows the machine to learn and mimic human behavior.

9- Online Banking

When we pay any invoice, we receive an instant message from the bank servers. Its purpose is to keep transactions secure and user-friendly. Artificial intelligence example in real life, employees for banks are responsible for keeping track of the way the user makes their payments. If an unexpected amount of money is withdrawn from the user’s account, it will immediately send an alert to prevent fraud.

10- Plagiarism Check Sites

Many authors and educational institution use plagiarism applications and control sites to determine whether the author is consciously or without being conscious copying data from another source, and this technology is an artificial intelligence example in real life. It is not surprising that a software that detects plagiarism receives the help of artificial intelligence and related technologies to perform its task. The site reviews the document and compares it to data in the cloud. Sentences that conflict with pre-existing data are highlighted and a percentage of plagiarism is generated accordingly.

11- Text to Speech Converters

Have you ever wondered how a non-live device responds to voice command and interprets it the way a normal person does? How to convert your voice to a textual form? Why don’t we encounter any language barriers when communicating with our digital assistants, which are artificial intelligence example in real life? A common answer to all these questions is that these applications, which are artificial intelligence example in real life, are supported by speech recognition and natural language processing. These two technologies are an important part of AI Technology.


12- Online Advertisements

Online ads make the most of AI as one of the artificial intelligence example in real life. With the help of AI, online advertising agencies learn the user’s likes, needs, and interests. Ads are then served with all these factors in mind. Many apps continue to listen to the user’s daily life conversations and tend to extract keywords that can suggest the type of product they need or like.

13-  Video Games

In video games, which artificial intelligence example in real life, we often compete with a virtual competitor. This virtual player is the embodiment of a real player and is designed to replicate game behavior over time with the help of machine learning and programming, giving the user a pleasant gaming experience.

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