What are the Best Online Bible Colleges in 10 Steps?

What are the Best Online Bible Colleges in 10 Steps?

If you have a deep interest in Christian theology and want to improve your knowledge, the best online bible colleges list is a good choice for you. Thanks to the Bible program with online education , you can gain deeper education to understand your religion. Then, you can share your knowledge with another person. However, if you do not have enough time or opportunity, the best online bible colleges may help you. Moreover, you may have a career in Christian-centered or other ministries.

10 The Best Online Bible Colleges

People who want to be professionals related to ecclesiastically may be interested in having degrees from the best online bible colleges. In this writing, you can read and learn schools where train Bible and religious education in the online environment. Moreover, you can choose the best online bible colleges for you and begin your religious education.

1. The Best Online Bible Colleges : Gods Bible School and College


Gods Bible School was founded in 1900 by a Methodist minister which is one of the best online Bible colleges in the nation. School’s administrative center is in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school has a powerful and rich tradition in Wesleyan- Arminian theology. Thank to online programs and on-campus technology, the school ensures associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in theology.

Bible school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Moreover, Association for Biblical Higher Education accredited the school. Oswald Chambers who is a Christian author is a part of the teaching staff and former faculty.

2. Grace Bible College


There is a link between Grace Bible College and the Grace Gospel Fellowship, a loose association of pope-parish groups and churches inspired by the Grace Movement. Originally, Grace Bible College was an evening Bible institute and started its activities to teach adults and pastors in 1939. Today, Grace Bible College is a regionally accredited bible college that concentrates on bible ministry and knowledge.

It consists of a small and diverse student group who want the Bible to be a part of their life. Grace Bible College enables associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in different three fields which are business, leadership & ministry, and human services. Students which are in bachelor’s degree can choose different specialization areas such as criminal justice, church planting, women’s, or youth ministry, and so on. Thanks to Grace’s long reputation, one of low-cost accredited online bible colleges, the school is a good choice for bible education.

3. Lancaster Bible College


Lancaster Bible College was founded in 1933. The purpose of college is that educated Christians to live and think a biblical life. That purpose makes college is one of the best bible colleges. The college was accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The main campus of the college is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, there are a lot of campus locations of Lancaster Bible College. All campus ensures online Bible courses for students. Students can gain credits for life experiences and moreover, earn minors such as ministry or ministry leadership studies.

4. Mid-America Christian University

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In the beginning, the university began its education life in Gulf Coast Christian College in Houston, then it was moved to Oklahoma in 1985. The university become one of the best online bible colleges in there and started to make a name for itself and it is an accredited university. Today, Mid-American Christian University is one of the fastest-growing universities of Bible education.

University ensures online degree programs which are designed privately for working adult and non-traditional students. In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Christian Ministry, the university offers a lot of programs in different areas such as public relations, criminal justice, and business.

5. Best Online Bille Colleges : Christian Leaders Institute


Christian Leaders Institute is one of the best free online Pentecostal bible college. The purpose of the institute is that help religious people grow in confidence, competence, and credibility to reach all around the world for Jesus Christ. For that reason, the institute presents a lot of online courses open for all people.

That makes that institute is one of the tuition free bible colleges and seminary. There are more than one hundred different bible lessons on their database and there are many students who graduated from institutes in all countries of the world.

6. Moody Bible Institute


Moody Bible Institute is founded in 1889 and it is one of the best online bible colleges now. Moody Institute has a bible-based model which is evangelical education through the original campus. The power of Moddy Institute comes from its combination of evangelical reputation and regional accreditation.

The Institute ensures a lot of fully online associate’s, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees which is included theological studies, biblical studies, ministry leadership, and so on. Moody is a very valuable choice thanks to its high reputation in the evangelical and secular and reasonable tuition rate.

7. Davis College


Davis College is based in Johnson City, New York and it is accredited by and the Association for Biblical Higher Education. the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The purpose of Davis College is to equip and train Christian students for life and ministry. The college ensures around one-third of its courses online.

The faculty prefer using Blackboard to give online classes throughput eight weeks in the fall and spring semesters. Moreover, there is an online learning student guide to solve students’ problems.

8. Ecclesia College


One of the best online bible colleges , Ecclesia College is one of the most respected and best online bible colleges in Springdale, Arkansas. The college is known for its mixture of service and works education with more traditional classroom education. All students can take a job on campus such as cafeteria, office work, day-to-day operations, and maintenance of the school. In this way, students can gain money for their tuition and the college appropriate money to save on expenses.

It is not a tuition free online bible college, but it helps students in this way. The colleges can transfer money to other online students thanks to the low tuition rate. Ecclesia Colleges ensures associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in areas such as biblical leadership, biblical studies, business administration, and so on. Moreover, Ecclesia has a transfer deal with the state of Arkansas, so students can transfer courses to any university or public college in the state.

9. The King’s University


One of the best online bible colleges , The King’s University is located in Southlake, Texas. The University is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. This one of the best online bible colleges ensures flexible course programs and an integrated learning model.

Moreover, The King’s University also presents credit for life experience and students can transfer credits up to 90 credits when they want. Pastor Robert Morris who is the chancellor of The King’s University serves as archpriest in Gateway Church near the campus.

10. Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary


One of the best online bible colleges was founded in 1969. However, they lay the base of online education in 1978. This is a kind of revolution of online education and that makes Trinity College of the Bible makes one and the leader of the best online bible colleges. Thanks to their experiences, they specialize in online Bible education without on-campus courses.

However, the college is not accredited but it is known by the ABHE ( The Association for Biblical Higher Education ). The college presents a lot of online types of bible degrees such as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in different four areas which are Christ-centered counseling, biblical and theological studies, practical ministry, and integrated apologetics. Tuition is low in Trinity. Moreover, there is a wide association of partner organizations and alumni to help graduates.