10 Best Accelerated Doctoral Programs in Education Online

10 Best Accelerated Doctoral Programs in Education Online

Earning a Ph.D. is a strong way to have a career and accelerated doctoral programs in education online may help you for this career. Nowadays, online education is a favorite way to have a degree. Online phd programs , accelerated doctoral programs online , are easier and cheaper than classic education. This is the reason why students prefer online education. Here are ten schools for online education degree accelerated.

10 Accelerated Doctoral Programs in Education Online

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Thanks to the Phd degrees, students can have career opportunities for working at government institutions, universities and colleges or educational centers. Most students prefer both cheap and good online doctorate programs education science for these career options. This list consists of the cheapest online edd programs and accelerated doctoral programs in education online.

1. Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Design for Online Learning –  Capella University

This accelerated doctoral programs in education online is designed for current educators. The purpose of the program is that teach specific elements in online learning and provide needed skills for online education. Students can gain functions to online education format in all fields thanks to the program. Moreover, students will have unique and important skills online learning after graduation. Students can implement and design online learning systems. Students should have 120 credits for graduation. There are a lot of courses for students. This program is also one of the online PhD programs no gre.

2.  Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Program – Liberty University

This program ensures a Doctor of Education degree program and it is designed fully online. So, there are not in-person courses. If students have credit from other universities, they can transfer their credit up to 50 percent of credits. Students need an average of 54 credits to graduate. This program is finished in 18 months or up to 3 years and courses last 8 weeks long and there is no need for a thesis.

In other words, the program is one of 18-month doctorate without dissertation. Students can finish courses part-time or full-time. In this way, the university ensures flexibility for students. Students can learn learning theory and curriculum development. The purpose of the program is that prepare students to have leadership roles in schools.


3. Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University provides the cheapest online phd programs to students in many areas such as curriculum & instruction: learning & development, leadership, curriculum & instruction: P-12 disciplinary, adult and career education. Valdosta State University is a part of the University System of Georgia. University is accredited by the College of Education & Human Services.

However, the university has high standard for example, students need to have 3.5 GPA for acceptance. Students can transfer up to 12 credit hours which means 4 courses.

4. The University of Alabama : Accelerated Doctoral Programs Online

Educational psychology is another part of educational science and the university is one of having accelerated phd programs in psychology of education. The University of Alabama’s accelerated doctoral programs in education online purpose is that ensure development and learning processes, understanding of research and theory related to learners.

According to this purpose, universities prepare students’ careers for researchers in businesses or agencies, school practitioners, and faculty members within academic settings. Basic area of research consists of learning, motivation, human development and so on. Moreover, there are specialized areas such as language development and bilingualism, ethical development, mathematical cognition, autism spectrum disorder, military and earning matters.


5. The University of Michigan School of Education

There are fully funded phd programs which mean free phd programs online at the University of Michigan. Education faculty presents accelerated doctoral programs in education online in a number of areas of focus such as leadership and innovation, educational policy, culture and language, literacy, mathematics education, and so on.

Moreover, there are different three Ph.D. degrees. These are education and psychology, English and education, or higher education. Doctoral students take a minimum of 4 years of financial support including a stipend for living expenses, tuition, and health insurance. Students take 20 hours per week assignments. They have some roles such as an instructor, staff assistant, or a researcher.

6. Liberty University : Accelerated Doctoral Programs Online

Students can finish accelerated doctoral programs in education online in 60 credit hours at Liberty University. The program can be finished totally online area. However, students can attend various on-campus intensives. Registered students can choose two different sides. One is educational leadership, the other one is curriculum and instruction. The curriculum consists of topics such as conflict resolution, educational leadership, curriculum theory, organizational analysis in education, and quantitative research in education.

Even if students chose their specialization, all students must take theory courses such as theories of historical and philosophical foundations, advanced learning theory and research, introduction and orientation. Before graduation, students must write the thesis. Liberty University is accredited by Colleges Commission on Colleges and the Southern Association of Schools.


7.  Boise State University

Boise State University ensures educational technology featuring six existing cognates. These are organizational performance, K-12 online learning, leadership in educational technology, school technology integration, games and simulations in learning, adult online learning.

Despite students choose different cognate, students will take basic core lessons such as professional management in educational settings, emerging trends in educational technology, global and cultural perspectives in educational technology. There are a formal doctoral thesis and comprehensive examination to graduation from accelerated doctoral programs in education online.

8.  University of Indiana

The University of Indiana- Bloomington’s School of education offers 60 credit hour accelerated doctoral programs in education online with in instructional systems technology. The program consists of fully online courses. However, students must attend the IST (Instructional systems technology) Annual Conference in the spring of the first year.

The must courses are qualitative inquiry in education, adult learning through the lifespan, strategies for educational inquiry, learning and cognition in education. Students write a thesis for graduation. After the program is completed, students can have a career as e-learning developers, content developers, instructional designers, researchers, corporate trainers, professors, and so on.


9. University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado presents two low-cost accelerated doctoral programs in education online which are innovation and education, special education. The course is designed to complete in four years with 64 credit hour program. Students can complete the program mostly online, but students should make summer visits to the Loveland campus.

Students take some core courses as an introduction to research literature, philosophical foundations of education, implementation and evaluation of curriculum. Students have to write a thesis and they must publish their thesis. Students have part-time and full-time options to complete the program. They can do that in 3 to 5 years.

10. University of West Georgia :  Accelerated Doctoral Programs in Education Online

The University of West Georgia is accredited by SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) and it presents the cheapest accelerated doctoral programs in education online. Students can select four online EdD offers which are nursing education, higher education administration, supervision, professional counseling, and supervision.

Students who select higher ed to take courses as advanced legal issues and policy studies, governance in higher education, critical issues in higher education as one of the accelerated doctoral programs in education online. In school improvement programs, students take courses such as K-12 online learning, media specialist, instructional technology. Lastly, in the professional counseling and supervision program, there are doctoral seminars in professional issues, program evaluation, and directed doctoral research courses.