Beaconhouse : The Best Visionary School

Beaconhouse : The Best Visionary School

Beaconhouse is one of the oldest schools, founded in 1975. The school has a unique mission and vision and continues to provide education in eight different countries today. While Beaconhouse Pakistan was giving education under Les Anges Montessori Academy, it became another name over time. Beaconhouse School System has become one of the most successful and visionary schools in private schools lists. Let’s take a closer look at the development of the school and the quality of education like the best special education masters programs online.

What Is Beaconhouse?

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Beaconhouse is one of the schools that provide innovative education within the framework of international standards. This school offers an innovative educational approach to providing service in eight countries. You should know that the school, which is in the private school classification, is satisfactory in terms of academic and social life quality.

Here are five essential details you should know about the school:

1- Beaconhouse Background and History


Beaconhouse director, November, developed this innovative training system in 1975. The school, which had only 19 students initially, now has about 315,000 students. The school has been providing education since the elementary school period and is also in agreement with some private universities. Being one of the world’s most developed schools, Beacon House attracts attention thanks to its different educational approach.

2- Beaconhouse Chairperson


Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri, the school director, has taken the necessary steps to include women in education life in her country. Kasuri generally prefers to appoint female administrators to managerial positions in their schools. Kasuri, who became the director with the establishment of the school in 1975, still holds this position today.

Mrs. Kasuri is one of the well-known female administrators in many world countries. Kasuri, who received the Women Power award in London, was also deemed worthy of many essential awards in her home country, Pakistan.

3- In Which Countries Does Beaconhouse Provide Training?


Beacon House UK is another education center that attracts the most attention after Pakistan. In addition, there are Beaconhouse schools in countries such as Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, and Belgium. The school, which previously served only in Pakistan, has become preferred in eight world countries over time.

4- Essential Vision of the School


You should also know that the school applies modern methods in education. The school aims to raise generations that will keep up with the ever-developing world. The self-declared vision of the school seeks to ensure that both boys and girls receive modern education. So much so that the school aims to be in many countries soon with Beacon House Virginia Beach and other new steps.

5- Social Activities and Responsibility Projects


The Beacon House football team is one of the steps that directs the school’s students to sports. At the same time, the Beacon House falcons represent the school’s perspective on different types of sports. In addition, the school has a developed understanding of education in sports branches such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, and swimming.

Beaconhouse is also known for some social responsibility projects. The school, which stands out with its projects for underdeveloped countries, aims to get a good education, especially for girls. Taking essential steps in child development, the school also has projects with some national programs.