Top 10 Online School for Criminal Justice

Top 10 Online School for Criminal Justice

Many people wonder, if can I get a criminal justice degree online. Online school for criminal justice is among the first choices for those who want to work in various areas of government. Thanks to this program, you can easily complete your criminal justice education even if you are working.

Online courses for criminal justice are even at Harvard University. However, after these courses, you will receive a course completion certificate, not a graduation certificate. Therefore, it will be better for you to examine carefully and make a choice by contacting the schools.

Online School for Criminal Justice at Saint Leo University

When it comes to criminal justice online school, this school is one of the most popular. This university provides its graduates with a criminal justice bachelor. This program also includes a homeland security course.

It seems a little more expensive than other schools in terms of price. However, it is one of the schools with the highest quality education. This program has an average of 120 credits of courses.

Arizona State University

This university offers online criminology degrees and online criminal justice programs. The online criminal justice degree is designed to equip you with the knowledge to discover the impact of crime and apply effective strategies to reduce it.

With your criminology and criminal justice education, you can gain the analytical, research, and communication skills needed to work in complex criminal justice professions.

California State University Stanislaus

Among the schools that charge fees, this school has the cheapest online criminal justice degree for you. Nevertheless, the program at this school is more geared toward criminal justice police officers. Also, the program is inexpensive because it is short and fast.

When you say online criminal justice degree California, this university comes to mind first. Also, students can choose between law enforcement or crime scene investigation; this depends on career goals. The education program at this university averages five weeks.

Southern New Hampshire University

If you want to get the fastest criminal justice degree online this school is for you. It is more expensive than programs at other schools. However, besides being expensive, it offers one of the best quality educations. This school ranks first among the best online schools for criminal justice.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

This school is a highly-ranked online school for criminal justice in the United States. This university will allow students to study online, in-person, or through a hybrid of the two while working toward their bachelor’s in criminal justice. The program comprises 120 credits for the major.

Criminal Justice Degree Online Free

Although we talked about paid schools, some schools offer this program for free. However, it is necessary to decide by examining these schools comprehensively. Schools that provide free programs have good ones as well as bad ones. We can talk about the good ones as follows.

1-     Online school for criminal justice at Case Western Reserve University

In this school, introduction to international criminal law science is one of the free criminal justice courses online. The course is designed to be an immersive experience that can be completed in approximately 12 hours of online study. However, as we said, you can get a certificate with course training, not a diploma.

2-     Leiden University

It is one of the most famous schools in counterterrorism in the online school for criminal justice list. Terrorism and Counterterrorism is one of the free criminal justice courses online, from Leiden University.

3-     University of North Texas

When you say online criminal justice degree Texas this university comes to mind first. All lessons are designed and developed by full-time faculty members. Criminal justice continues the tradition of quality education, well known by the Criminal Justice Department, to standards of excellence.

Accredited Online Schools for Criminal Justice

Among online criminal justice schools, there are also accredited ones. Accredited education means having a program at global standards. In other words, you will receive the highest quality education with the education you receive at an accredited university. At the same time, some of these schools issue national diplomas.

1-     Liberty University

This school is one of the accredited schools in the online school for criminal justice list. In this university, whether you are currently working in criminal justice or just starting, this degree will give you what it takes to gain professionalism and appreciation of the subject.

2-     Florida International University

When you say online criminal justice degree Florida this university comes to mind first. The program helps students develop their critical thinking skills and ability to solve complex problems. Graduates generally go on to work as criminal intelligence analysts, private detectives, and social services case managers.

3-     Sam Houston State University

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on the online school for criminal justice list. In total, the program is 120 credit hours and includes a variety of courses that make the program versatile, including cybercrime and more.