Top Educational Technology Tools 2023

Top Educational Technology Tools 2023

Educational technology tools have been used frequently, especially since the pandemic. With these technological instruments, it has been observed that the students did not fall behind in their education and even made favourable developments.

These instruments which teachers use are not only aimed at improving the lesson development of students but also at improving their abilities and formative assessment.

At the same time, these technology tools are for more than just students. There are many tools available for teachers as well. There are also instruments developed to make it easier for teachers to enter grades, follow lesson plans and assign homework. Also, middle school students learn how to use social media.

These educational technology tools are listed as the most used in 2022.

What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology is the science that explores the teaching environment to improve teaching and learning. It also covers analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating technological learning tools, students, and the learning process.

Educational equipment meaning has the same meaning as educational tools. Educational technology tools are also indispensable elements of this system. In this way, with these tech tools, a new era has been experienced in education.

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Educational Technology Tools as Software

Educational technology tools can be divided into software and hardware. If we examine these edtech tools in terms of software, Kahoot, Schoolytics, Remind, and Google Workspace can be given as examples.

1- Kahoot in The Educational Technology Tools

Kahoot is among the most popular when someone says to educational technology tools. Kahoot is a game and entertainment-based learning portal that can be accessed from any smart device with an internet connection.

It is also Kahoot’s online quiz platform that facilitates learning by gamification. With this content, you can reach people worldwide with your competition regardless of place and time. You can also make it easier for them to learn.

 2- Schoolytics

This educational equipment for schools will be one of the most used educational technology tools in 2022. This tool allows teachers and parents to follow students’ grades or performances. Teachers can change to make in education levels according to the status of the students. If you cannot use this instrument’s application, you can reach it from sites. It is like a pear deck.

 3- Remind

Remind is a communication platform designed for students. This tool allows students to send two-way messages to students and parents wherever they are. It also will enable teachers like students.

With this tool, you can share classroom updates. This tool allows you to share class-related updates and track students’ status. Remind has many participants from schools.

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4- Duolingo

Duolingo is a tool and a learning platform that everyone, not just students, can use. You can learn foreign languages ​​using this application, which has almost every foreign language.

It is one of the most recommended tools by teachers for students. And every child can increase their foreign language with this tool from childhood.

5- Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a platform provided by Google that is used not only in education but also in the workplace. This tool can create documents, tables, slides, and forms.

You can also create a calendar, such as a lesson routine or program. Google Workspace tool is professional development. It is widespread in The United States.


Educational Technology Tools as Hardware

If we examine educational technology tools in terms of hardware, devices like computers, phones, smart boards, and tablets can be examples of educational equipment. As you know, these tools are physical and tangible. And these can be listed in the educational equipment list.

Some of these instruments are supplied by schools. It has been observed that these tools positively affect student academic life development.

1- Computers in The Educational Technology Tools

There are only a few houses today that do not have a computer. It means almost every student can reach the internet and a laptop. Students can study from a computer, take notes, and find everything about their lessons.

Its services are from home for students’ online education. Students create interactive virtual field trips with computers.

2- Smart Phones

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, even kids. Smartphones are very useful in education. Since smartphones are easily portable, they enable access to information at any time and every second. Students can reach virtual reality with this tool. Also, in this way, students can get remote learning. Smartphones can be used for video lessons.

3- Tablets

We know that tablets aid education, especially during school lessons. This is because computers take up a lot of space, and students are thought to be easily disconnected from their studies during lessons. 

4- Projectors and Printers

Projectors are one of the educational technology innovations. They are used to project an image onto the screen. It is one of the most preferred classroom tools, especially for videos, short films, and slide presentations.

Printers are an essential part of the education technology tools. It allows you to take written notes and reproduce your lecture notes.

5- Smart Boards

The smart board is the most important educational technology in the classroom. These tools save time for both students and teachers. In addition, thanks to the effective visualization, students are more interested in the lesson.