10 Best Automotive Technology Systems

10 Best Automotive Technology Systems

With the development of technology, the downsizing of electronic devices and the integration into cars, there has also been an increase automotive technology with automotive engineering in the services offered to drivers. So, safety, comfort and performance features in new cars are constantly increasing and updated.

Automotive Technology Systems in 10 Steps

Technologies shaped according to the needs and desires of the consumer, when exaggerated, only become the decoration of the car brochure pages. Automakers also often produce between these two lines according to their target audience. So, what are the top 10 automotive technology preferred by those who want to own a car? We have listed the 10 most preferred automotive technology features for you, from rear view mirror camera to warning systems.

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1- Rearview Mirror Camera

You may have had to leave with enough stuff in the interior of your car to close the rear window and render the rearview mirror useless, or there may be an unusable amount of ice and dirt in our rear life. A video rearview mirror in automotive technology that uses a rear-mounted camera to clearly display the image on the back of the car.

2- Blind Spot Warning System

Blind Spot Alert is an automotive technology system developed with the help of mirrors to close the vulnerability when you cannot see the object or vehicle in the back or side.


3- Front and Rear Parking Sensors : Automotive Technology

Parking sensors are most useful utilities automotive technologies for drivers in the our century, when we live in congested cities and millions of vehicles are on the road. In some vehicles, uses this parking sensors in automotive technology that are only on the back of the car are designed to be 360 degrees in some vehicles. In this car technology, it is ensured that it detects objects around the car that is traveling at a certain speed and warns the driver.

  • All-Wheel Drive

AWD (All Wheel Drive); it allows vehicles that are normally wheeled from two wheels to automatically switch from four wheels to traction according to ground conditions.

4WD (Four Wheel Drive); is the system in which the movement energy manufactured by the engine is transmitted to wheels. Vehicles with a 4WD traction system continuously and evenly transfer power to 4 wheels.


5- Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning system in automotive technology determines whether the vehicle has accidentally left the lane it is safety driving ss mentioned ICC technical programs. System by defining lane markings in accordance with wheels position; provides an audible warning and visual alert on the universal information screen when the wheels leave the band. This automotive technology are developed by using ICC certification programs.

6- Apple Car Play and Android Auto

It’s about automotive technology making the journey more fun by enabling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect drivers to their phones or other electronic devices while driving.

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7- Automotive Technology in Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software

Approximatively eight hundred thousand vehicles were stolen last year. That number sounds shocking, but more than 56 percent have been recovered. That percentage has increased significantly, even from a year ago. This is because of the innovative technology in automotive technology that allows law enforcement to find them.

Automotive technology is part of the assistance and safety systems of some car brands. They can pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location, as well as provide diagnostics, concierge and post-accident notification to call rescue services.

  • Advanced Driver Support Systems

Many automakers offer technologies about automotive technology that can react quickly to hazards, reduce driver fatigue and make life easier in traffic. It will even park the car for you. Best technologies for cars systems usually come in packages. This system is located tstc automotive program and tstc courses.

9- 360 Degree Camera

With the 360-degree camera system in automotive technology offered to vehicles, it has been possible to ensure the safety of the vehicles and the negatives that may occur when the vehicles are parked or exiting the park are minimized. Future automotive technology uses every car as specified Tstc automotive tool list.

10- Driver’s Seat Features

The memory seat in automotive technology, which is optionally offered in most vehicles, records the position of the driver’s seat via the memory buttons positioned at the door or on the side of the seat, depending on the vehicle models. However, heated and cooled seats and mortared seats in vehicles are technological products developed with the comfort of the driver in mind.

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