Dali Smart Lamp : Useful Step for Online Education from TikTok

Dali Smart Lamp : Useful Step for Online Education from TikTok

Dali Smart Lamp project is on the agenda as one of the important steps taken in online education. Online education, which has become more common due to the pandemic, seems to level up within the scope of the Dali Smart Lamp project. With the interruption of education all over the world, some educational institutions have entered into new searches.

Innovation came from the team, which is also the founder of the TikTok application, after making efforts to make online education more efficient. Dali Smart Lamp project can be defined as one of the interesting and effective steps taken for online education.

What is Dali Smart Lamp ?

Dali Smart Lamp is a kind of online education equipment with various technological features. This new application, developed by Bytendance, the founding company of TikTok, accompanies students’ homework with a camera and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this method developed by Bytendance education, the smart lamp will accompany the children during their homework instead of the parents.

Dali Smart Lamp also helps parents who are far away to observe their children while they are doing homework or studying. In this way, Tiktok education content has gained an important place in the field of education.

Dali Smart Lamp Features and Benefits


Developed by Dali education Bytendance, smart lamp has multiple features and advantages. Especially with the implementation of the online education system all over the world, such smart solutions where needed. We wanted to take a closer look at this new smart lamp application for you.

1- Oversight Tool for Parents

Dali Smart Lamp, which has similar features to the Bytedance smartphone, has a dual-camera system. Dali Smart Lamp also enables children to be controlled by their parents, thanks to its dual-camera system. Even children can video chat with both their parents and teachers if they want.

2- Artificial Intelligence Assistant / Digital Assistant


Dali Smart Lamp can also help kids with their homework thanks to artificial intelligence technology. With the smart assistant activated from the options on the smart lamp, it is also possible to get support on topics such as vocabulary. The artificial intelligence-assisted digital assistant can also help children with some math problems.

3- Checking Homework Papers


Dali Smart Lamp, which has similarities with the application developed by the company before, also breaks new ground in this field. The smart lamp, which has started to be used in the borders of Qingbei, can also reflect homework papers to parents or teachers. By setting up the dual-camera system, parents can check their children’s exams or homework papers even when they are not at home.

Bytendance Technologies

Having signed the Dali Smart Lamp project, the company made a rapid entry into the field of education as of 2016. Bytendace, which also cooperates with Yuanfudao, has become one of the most important steps taken by Zhang Yiming. Although the company entered the education sector in 2016, it managed to do its most important work between 2019 and 2020.

The steps that the company, which also cooperates with Zuoyebang, will take in education are not limited to these yet. Setting a target for 2026, the company aims to become a world giant in the field of education during this period.

Dali Smart Work is based in China and takes important steps in the field of the hardware product. The company, which produces for Chinese online education, will also serve the world for the first time. You can also visit the company’s website for data and comment data about the company.

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