The Best 10 Bass Guitar Lesson Online: 2022

The Best 10 Bass Guitar Lesson Online: 2022

You decided to take a bass guitar lesson, but you can’t go to a course? You don’t need to leave your home to take a bass guitar lesson. Now,  many platforms provide online education. Learning bass guitar online is easy and fun. However, choosing the right course get maximum efficiency. How about going on a fun journey?

Playing bass can be a hobby or career plan for you. Whatever the purpose, you can find a course that serves it. There are so many options. Examine, compare and choose.

Bass Guitar is a great musical instrument. You will enjoy playing it. It is possible to learn everything about it with an online bass guitar lesson. Here is the list of the best bass guitar lesson that offers online education:

What Are The Best 10 Bass Guitar Lessons Online?

1 – StudyBass

StudyBass is a platform where you can get free bass guitar lessons. It was opened in 2003 by Andrew Polska. It reaches more difficult levels besides bass guitar lessons for beginners.

It offers videos to teach you how to play the bass guitar. They are music theory, chord settings, sheet music, playing techniques, and more. This platform allows access to bass lessons with fretboard diagrams. Although it isn’t flashy, it is a very effective bass guitar lesson.

First, it presents you with detailed content about the bass guitar and introduces it. Thus, it helps you learn. It’s a great chance to learn to play an instrument without paying.

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2 – JamPlay

JamPlay is the perfect app for learning bass. Bass guitar lessons are given by expert teachers. It is an easy-to-use platform. You can search for your dream lesson with it. It is possible to filter by level, music style, or songs.

Bass guitar lesson is viewed with many cameras from different angles. At the same time, the video speed can be adjusted and bass guitar lessons pdf can be printed. You will learn step by step with it.


3 – ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks is one of the best courses. It’s very easy to learn bass guitar with it. Bass guitar lesson progresses from beginner to advanced. It has dozens of lessons with various music styles.

It allows you to progress at your speed. Also, you can create your schedule. If the lessons come fast, you can slow them down. Are you looking for an effective and economical course? It’s just for you. You can choose one of the three, six, and twelve-month membership packages.

4 – BassBuzz

BassBuzz is a beginner bass guitar course. It teaches the bass guitar lesson step by step easily. It helps you with simple bass lines.

The teachers have divided the bass guitar lesson into sections. So you can understand the lessons well. You start the exercises in small steps. But you proceed with a solid foundation. You learn to play songs suitable for your level through the video lesson. It is an application that values users. Its teaching method is called “From Beginner to Badass”.

The lessons are 30 hours in total. It includes topics such as music theory, rhythm, songs, and improvisation. However, this course may not be enough to reach advanced levels. It is a good choice for the beginner playing bass.


5 – The Professional Bass Masterclass

Masterclass bass guitar lesson is available on Udemy. It includes lectures given by expert instructors. It starts you from the ground up and aims to master you.

Bass players of all levels can benefit from this course. Beginners learn with it, and experienced ones improve themselves. It prepares you for the best with both theory and practice. It makes you practice with exercises.

This course is affordable. The site gives a 30-day trial period. If you are not satisfied, there is the possibility of a refund. You can safely try it.

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6 – MusikaLessons

MusikaLessons is a popular online bass guitar lesson. It offers electric bass lessons. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn bass.

Here, the instructor staff consists of experienced and qualified people. You can choose an instructor that suits your favorite style. You can decide this choice with the trial lesson. Free lessons only cover the first bass lesson. Lessons are organized in an easy and structured way. Since the lessons are personal, the duration of the bass guitar lesson is unlimited.

You’ll love affordable prices. The courses on Udemy are carefully prepared. You should give it a chance.


7 – TrueFire

TrueFire is the oldest and biggest bass guitar lesson. It differs from the others with its live lesson and chat tab. The process goes step by step. Lessons are explained simply.

Lessons cover not only beginners but also advanced levels. Bass guitar lesson is planned according to the type of bass you choose.

As the level increases, the lessons get harder. That’s why there is a private lesson option if you need it. It doesn’t matter the level, anyone can take private lessons.

It allows you to watch the lessons whenever you want. Lessons are given by various bassists. You don’t have to pay a fee every month. With a single subscription fee, you can access all the lessons of the instructor you prefer.

8 – Scott’s Bass Lessons

Scott’s Bass Lessons is one of the most interactive platforms. It is an easy and enjoyable way to play bass. Bass guitar lesson is created according to your level.

Before this course was created, Scott was known for his bass guitar lessons youtube. Beginner and intermediate course videos were shared there. Now it has become a great platform.

Here, users can communicate with each other. There is the possibility of helping each other among the members. Also, it has a timer that notifies you before each lesson.

It offers 14 days of lessons free. If you are satisfied, you can subscribe to it immediately. With a one-year subscription, you have access to all course resources such as audio and video files.

This course has one downside. Unfortunately, the price is higher than others. If the price isn’t a problem for you, you will enjoy bass playing with this course.


9 – Yousician

Yousician is a fun application that teaches over video games. In particular, it attracts the attention of children. It is recommended for beginners.

With this app, it makes understand like you are in a game. It provides enough tools to play instruments. You learn everything about bass. You can use it through both the app and the website.

It separates the levels according to different skills. When you succeed, you level up. Bass guitar notes for beginners are given as a table.

It listens to what you play through the microphone and gives feedback. Thus, it prevents you from making mistakes.

Bass guitar lesson has unlimited time. 7-day free trial lessons are available. The courses are divided into three parts: lead, rhythm, and knowledge. Each one is very useful.

It is an application that deserves the price you pay. Additional fees may be required to play some songs, excluding the membership fee. However, this course may be insufficient for advanced bassists.

10 – eMedia Bass Method

eMedia Bass Method is an online bass guitar lesson for everyone. It starts from the ground up. It includes nearly 140 beginner lessons.

It covers many topics such as theoretical information, bass chords, music sheets. It is designed simply for teaching bass. It helps you create your bass lines.

This app provides feedback by listening through the microphone. It has a note tracker. It shows the accuracy of notes you play. At the same time, you can adjust the speed of the lessons.

It lets you practice what you know about bass. It contains hundreds of songs and exercises. The lack of trial lessons is a disadvantage. But you can decide by examining user comments.