The Best STEM Activities for Kindergarden

The Best STEM Activities for Kindergarden

What are the best STEM activities for kindergarden? What do children learn through kindergarten stem activities? Does every school have kindergarden stem activity learning?

Before designing lesson plans for stem activities, it is best to know what stem is. To be simple, stem can be explained as a teaching and learning philosophy. Thanks to Stem, students can learn 4 disciplines as one. These disciplines are science technology engineering and math.

S in stem stands for science, T is for technology, E is for engineering, and M is for mathematics. These disciplines are believed to be essential in the 21st century. Now, you can look for STEM activities for kindergarden.

Kindergarten Science Projects and Stem Challenges : STEM Activities For Kindergarden


Science projects in kindergarten are adored by kids. They like stem projects, because they include science experiments, technology usage, engineering activities and math. When you design stem activities for kindergarden, you should make sure that you reach each category, and find a fun way to build lessons for each grade. For instance, to get the attention of young students, you can include activities with water and colored pages.

So, what are best STEM activities for kindergarden?

The Best and Most Popular Pipe Cleaner Games

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If you are looking for STEM activities for kindergarden, there are numerous options. The activities can be about almost anything, such as health, foods, numbers or even Christmas.

There is one activity which is used by almost any teacher. It is called Pipe Cleaner. As it speaks for itself, you need pipe cleaners to do these activities. You can use these activities as a science activity, engineering or math activity.

Here are a few STEM activities for kindergarden you can implement into your classroom.

  • Spelling the letters: You can have colorful pipe cleaners, and encourage your students to make the letters.
  • Making bubble wangs: You can make bubble wangs by using pipe cleaners. You can try different shapes and experiment on the differences.
  • Making animal farm: You can make your students create their own farm by using pipe cleaners.