The Best 10 Teaching Tools Online for Language Teachers

The Best 10 Teaching Tools Online for Language Teachers

After the pandemic, teaching tools online have been essential. Teachers need them even more than ever. For both distance learning and hybrid learning, educators need online tools to support their students, teach subjects, and evaluate students. To be able to use the tools effectively, both teachers and learners must have certain skills such as using a computer, typing, or connecting to the internet.

The Qualifications of an Effective Teaching Tool Online


What are the qualifications of effective teaching tools online? What makes teaching tools online useful? How can you understand if it fits your needs or not? Here are the basic qualifications of an effective tool:

  • The tool must allow interaction and engagement.
  • The tool must support individual and collaborative work.
  • The must ask for basic IT requirements.

1- Google Classroom : One of the Most Effective Online Teaching Tools

Google Classroom is one of the most effective teaching tools online available. It allows educators to share the content for the lesson plans, videos, resources, necessary information, quizzes, assessments, and tests. They can contact the students and parents. It is one of the favorite online teaching tools.

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2- EdPuzzle : One of the Best Free Online Education Tools

Edpuzzle is an application that allows educators to create video lessons with audios, quizzes, and evaluations. It also enables you to keep track of your students’ understanding. It is one of the best teacher tools online you can find.

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3- TED Talks : One of the Most Fun Online Teaching Tools

It may not be considered as a tool, but Ted Talks are a great source for online teaching. Besides finding videos on social media, you can check its official website to create online classes for your students.

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4- Kahoot : Another Fun Tool

Kahoot is one the best teaching tools online that makes every subject funnier. It allows teachers and learners to design games in order to assess their learning. The entire class can play individually or as a group. In this application, it can easily be said that the sky is the limit.

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5- Zoom : One of the Most Used Distance Learning Tools for Teachers

You may be using Zoom’s services for your meeting, video conferencing, or show your google slides. But did you know that you could also use it as teaching tools online? Its qualifications allow you have good classroom management. It also has webinars about educational technology. It supports professional development.

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6- Quill : One of the Best Writing Tools for Online Teaching

Quill is one of the best platforms that you can find writing, vocabulary, and grammar exercises. The students can learn better by reconstructing sentences, proofreading passages, writing new passages. It is also one of the free teaching tools online.

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7- AWW : One of the Best Online Teaching Tools Whiteboard

AWW is an application that supports teachers with a virtual board in a virtual classroom. This digital whiteboard is a free tool where you can integrate it with Zoom. It also helps you to have control over what students have been sharing.

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8- Buncee : One of The Most Popular Virtual Teaching Tools

Buncee is one of the teaching tools online that educators use. You can design boards for students, create quizzes for learners to press the right option, and so on.

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9- Edmodo : One of the Innovative Teaching Tools

Edmodo is one of the most innovative teaching tools online. Thanks to it, educators are able to create quizzes, assign homework, and observe students’ progress.

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10- Talking Points : Another Innovative Teacher Tool

Talking Points is one of the most innovative platforms that support families and teachers who do not talk the same language. It helps teachers and parents communicate by translating the messages to the teacher’s or the parents’ language. Thanks to its privacy policy, you have nothing to worry about.

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In a world that is rapidly changing, it is not easy to keep up with the teaching tools online. Yet, the teachers are doing their best to reach all the targets and fulfill every expectation. Thanks to the educational technology tools, it makes them feel a bit relieved.