How to Use Gamification for Education 2021?

How to Use Gamification for Education 2021?

Gamification for education has a key role in the instruction process due to its enjoyable and applicable features. The human brain can easily learn information that makes it enjoyed so all the enjoyable instructional methods are more useful than others. So, what is gamification ? What are the advantages of gamification for education? How to use Gamification methods in education?

What is Gamification?

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Gamification method is the usage of games in irrelated fields disciplines such as health, education, or cooking. Thanks to the gamification method’s interactivity, all ages of people can easily learn what they want.

What are the Advantages of Gamification for Education?


Using gamification learning environments in educational contexts has many advantages for the learner group. In the field of education, the subjects explained to the students are explained by making them fun, so that the learning periods are shortened and the forgetting periods are extended. Retrospective recall happens much faster. Here are the most useful advantages of the gamification for education methods:

  • Gamification in education makes learner group more concerned to the lesson.
  • Students can easily take target achievements of the subject while playing a game.
  • Learning process is more enjoyable than a standard lesson in gamification learning method.
  • Evaluation part of the lesson is so enjoyable and useable in this method.
  • Gamification apps for education motivate learners to attend to the learning process.
  • Gamification examples develop target group’s problem-solving ability.
  • It facilitates providing an interdisciplinary learning environment.
  • Using game design elements in teaching process makes students more and more attended to the lesson.
  • Playing video games in a hard lesson motivates intrinsic motivation.
  • Using game mechanics in classroom which is called as gamified learning environments serves both students and teacher experience based learning method.
  • Serious games and game elements are especially effective in the higher education level in the world because this age group of people have a distractibility. Making these group of people motivated to the learning process can will be real with game elements used lessons because playing video games in a lesson is so enjoyable for them.

How to Use Gamification Methods in Education?

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Gamification for education method is used especially in online education at New York schools because online learning experience can be more efficient with gamification lesson plans. So, how to use gamification methods in education? How can you apply this powerful educational technology in your lessons? Here are the most important elements of a gamified lesson plan :

  • Learning with Fun
  • Problem solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Concept Teaching
  • Strategy Development
  • Maturation
  • being goal oriented
  • No distractions
  • Suitability for individual and group work
  • Competence as design
  • Compliance with content
  • Student level usage
  • Features of exercises
  • Update feature