Game for English Learning will Make You England

Game for English Learning will Make You England

There is a lot of ways to learn English or other new languages and playing game for English learning is one way of learning English. English is one of the most popular languages in the world for that reason, most parents and teachers prefer kids to learn English. However, learning a new language is sometimes more difficult. English learning games are very helpful for this purpose to get rid of these difficulties.

Game for English Learning in 10 Steps

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Among popular teaching strategies, game for English Learning is a very popular and instructive way which is applied both classroom and online environment. English games for kids are invaluable learning tool. Moreover, these games are not only for English learning. Thanks to games, kids can revise new and old topics or games are very beautiful warm-up activities for the lesson. Also, a fun English game may be a prize for students after a period of intense hard work. There are a lot of offline and online English games for kindergarten to advanced level. There is 10 game for learning English both classroom and online environment.

1.      FluentU


FluentU is an online game for English learning. On web site, there are real-world videos such as inspiring talks, music videos, news, and movie trailer, and so on. Moreover, you can turn them into customized language learning lectures. Moreover, kids can learn the English culture and language over time. In this way, kids can learn English as people how to speak in real life.

There is a lot of kind of video in FluentU such as nature documentaries, popular talk show, and funny commercials. There are interactive subtitles, in this way, kids can tap all words to see useful examples, definitions, and images. Moreover, it is one of English vocabulary games because kids can learn new vocabularies thanks to interactive subtitled dialogue in any video.

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2 – Liar, Liar


Most children like tales. Telling and listening to tales are good both learning new cultures and improving the imagination of kids. Especially, kids like tales and it is a good way to learn English for kids. Fun activities like making up all sorts of tales. In this way, students can practice their listening, grammar, and speaking skills while having a good time in the classroom. This game is quick and ideal for small classes.

First of all, the teacher should distribute students in pairs and the students’ task is to introduce the other team members. Students should present the other group member like name, family information, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and so on. However, the important point of this game is making any story about a team member. Other students should listen carefully and pay attention to find false information.

When they catch up a lie, they say “Liar!”. After the introduction, students can switch places. In this way, students both have a good time and know each other better.

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3. Taboo Words : Game for English Learning


Taboo is a very enjoyable board game and students can play it in the classroom. Also, the taboo is a game for English learning that helps practicing words’ descriptions and synonyms. There are four different level words in Taboo, so students from different levels can play Taboo.

It can be a part of a lesson or et the beginning or end of class. Teachers can divide students into two halves and go to the opposite of the classroom and face each other. Then, select a student to sit in front of the team and stay behind the student to keep a paper with a word. Each group has three minutes to find words. Selected students try to tell words by using word descriptions and synonyms.

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4. Chain Spelling

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Chain spelling is a good game for English learning. Thanks to Chain Spelling, students can teach spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation. First of all, the teacher gives a word to a student and spells the word. If a student completes spelling correctly, then the second student should say a word that begins with the last letter and spell a new word.

This game continues until a student makes a mistake while spelling or pronouncing a word incorrectly. A student who makes a mistake out of the game and the game continues. The last students will be the winner. The categories can be changed and at the end of the game the teacher can give a token prize for the success.

5. ESL Role Plays : : Game for English Learning

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Role play is a good and effective game for English learning. In this way, students try to speak in different situations and use different words to improve speaking skills. The teacher divides students into two or three groups, then gives different roles for each group such as a doctor, teacher, shopping in the market, and so on.

Then teacher becomes a customer for all group and asks some questions to students and they give answers related to the role to the teacher. The purpose of this game, students can speak and discuss real-life problems and use different words in different situations.

6. ESL Crossword Puzzles

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Crossword puzzle is the perfect game for English learning for people who like challenges. In this way, students can test their vocabulary skills and reading comprehension. Most crossword puzzles are difficult for new learners even if English speakers because there are some words that are related to general knowledge questions or trivia. ESL crossword puzzles are designed for all level English learners. On websites, learners can select difficulties level among a variety of crossword puzzles. There are three levels which are easy, intermediate, advanced.

7. Board Race

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This game a good way to test students’ knowledge of subjects. It is a good game for English learning to keep students and their brains active. There are at least six students or more. Firstly, the teacher divides the class into two groups and each group has a colored marker. If there are a lot of students, there will be more groups. Then, the teacher divides the board and writes the topic on the board. Students should think and write words about the topic. Teams win points for correct words.

8. Beat the Keeper

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Beat keeper is a quiz style online game for English learning. Learners have 90 seconds to answer questions about sports. The theme of the game is soccer when learners give answers to the question, the character takes a shot. If learners give the correct answer, the shot becomes a goal.

If learners give the wrong answers, the goalkeeper blocks the shot. Thanks to this game, learners can improve sports vocabulary in an enjoyable way. There are three levels which are easy, medium, and difficult. For that reason, it is suitable for learners at every level.

9. Hangman

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Teacher may prefer games to learn English Hangman is one of the enjoyable game for English learning. The teacher prefers to play it at the beginning or end of the lesson. Firstly, the teacher thinks of a word or phrase, and writes dashes for all constant, and writes vowels. Then, ask students to say a letter, if the letter is a part of a word, write the letter correct space. If there is not a letter on the word, write the letter a part of the board and start to draw a hanging man. If they find the word before the Hangman drawing completed, students will win.

10 – Categories : Game for English Learning


Another game for English learning and warm up to students is categories. This game may be helpful for all-level students. Firstly, students should have a paper and draw six columns or less on paper. Then, the teacher chooses six different categories about subjects or topics such as countries, names, adjectives, verbs, and so on. Then, give a letter to students and want them to write a word about categories. In this way, students practice meaning, spelling, and vocabulary.

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