How to Learn Arabic Fast in 10 Steps ?

How to Learn Arabic Fast in 10 Steps ?

After deciding to learn Arabic people may want to learn how to learn Arabic. The Arabic language is a poetic and most beautiful language and the sixth most popular language in the world. Moreover, it is spoken by over 420 million people and 26 diverse countries. Besides that, it is one of the most difficult languages to speak and learn. However, there are 10 steps to learn Arabic.

How to Learn Arabic at Home in 10 Steps

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There are some challenges while learning Arabic for beginners. These 10 steps may help you to find answer how to learn Arabic. There are a lot of way to learn new languages. Some of them is common for every language. Watching some videos, talking with native speakers may be these methods. If you wonder how to learn Arabic, this article may help you.

1. Using a Language Learning Application


If you want to learn Arabic online, you should use learning applications. These applications are suitable for smartphones. Moreover, this is a very entertaining and cheap way to learn new languages. You can see some online applications to learn Arabic alphabet and other grammar rules.


Duolingo is the most known and used language application, and it is a good way to practice in-home or outside. Moreover, there is a lot of ways to make a practice of sentence structure and grammar. The bad part of Duolingo is that you may watch some ads because there is a free plan.


This is a game application to learn a new language. This application helps you to make a practice learning new vocabularies from different kinds of topics in a funny way. Thanks to their free plan, you can use it 5 minutes for every day.


This application offers simple vocabulary flashcards to users instead of a structured course. Moreover, it allows you to make your specific card sets.

2. Listen to Arabic Radio or Music


Perhaps the most entertaining answer to the question of how to learn Arabic is listening to radio or music in Arabic. You can use TuneIn Radio, Spotify, and Podcasts for this purpose. Thanks to technology learning easy Arabic is both funny and easy. Moreover, you can use it for learning Arabic el cezire or BBC.

For example, BBC Arabic is o good way to listen to the news and learn Modern Standard Arabic. Moreover, you can select different Arabic radio channels on TuneIn radio. If you learn some specific dialect, you can use the “search by location” options. On Spotify, there is a lot of podcasts about book, culture and so on. Or you can just listen to Arabic music.

3. How to Learn Arabic : Make a Vocabulary Book

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Learning new vocabulary may be the most important part of learning a new language. For that purpose, writing new vocabulary in a notebook is a good, easy, and effective way. You can make a word list by watching Arabic learning videos or reading books. Even you can select special words related to your interesting areas. Moreover, you can prepare some word cards and make some practice every day or you can use the Quizlet application.

4. Follow Some Arabic Celebrity or Speakers on Social Media

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Social media become a part of our daily life and it helps us to find an answer to how to learn Arabic. You can use social media to learn Arabic or other foreign languages. Following Arabic native speakers on social media is a good way to remember Arabic in your mind.

Also is a good reason to spend time on social media. There are a lot of influencers, celebrities, or public figures in the Arab World to follow. If you want to learn different accents, you can follow different people who live in different parts of the world. Or you can follow people who have same interesting areas for you.

5. Watch Arabic Series, Documentaries or News


If you want to learn Arabic while listening, series, documentaries or news may help you. You can watch Arabic media such as Sky News, Al Jazeera, or BBC Arabic. If you want to learn a specific dialect, you can search local media platforms or news on Google or social media.

You do not have enough time to watch long videos, you can watch short news videos. Moreover, there are a lot of documentaries both produced or dubbed in Arabic on YouTube. Also, you can follow Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic, or Vice Arabia.

6. Change Your Phone’s Language


How to Learn Arabic Fast in 10 Steps ?

Changing the phone’s language is a common answer for how to learn Arabic or other foreign languages. Because smartphones are the most important tool in our life. If you add a new language to your life, the learning process may become easier.

However, you do not want to change your phone’s language, you can change to Arabic application folders’ name. For example, you can rename photos and social media folders with the Arabic vocabulary. Moreover, you should add an Arabic keyboard in smartphone and change the keyboard’s settings. And you can play Arabic games and games for English learning.

7. Set Achievable and Trackable Goals


Before how to learn Arabic, you should decided why do you want to learn Arabic. You may want to travel the region and talk with local people, or you work in a specific city in the Middle East, and so on. Everybody has their specific reason. If you decide your reason, that makes you stay motivated.

You should set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals. For example, “I want to improve my Arabic.” is not a specific goal. Which part you want to improve is not clear because there is a lot of part of a language such as writing, listening, speaking and so on. When you decide on a specific goal, you should write your goal and start to learn Arabic.

8. Find a Language Partner


If you want to know how to learn Arabic, you may speak with a native speaker. Because speaking is a good way to learn a new language or improve language. You can easily find language friends thanks to social media. there is a lot of social media users who speak Arabic.

Perhaps, you can find a friend who wants to learn your mother language. In this way, both of you can improve language in an enjoyable way. This is a cheap way to learn a new language. If you can pay, you can use online platforms like NaTakallam. You can select both local dialects or Modern Standard Arabic.

9. Watch Arabic Movies or Shows


Being exposed to a language is a good way to learn a new language. If you like watching movies or shows, you can watch them in dubbed or subbed Arabic.

There is some Arabic content on Netflix such as Six Windows in the Desert – Culture/society- Saudi Arabia, Al-Hayba – politics/action- Lebanon, Fauda – politics/action- Palestine/Israel, Jinn – Cultural thriller- Jordan. These help you how to learn Arabic. Moreover, you should watch Baghdad Central and For Sama which is an Oscar-nominated documentary film.

10. Read News Articles or Books


You can learn Arabic PDF books and news articles. Because reading is very important for how to learn Arabic. You can select your books or articles according to your level. You should try to read an article every day. In this way, you can improve both vocabulary and grammar concepts.

When your level improves, you can use Al Jazeera and BBC Arabic, because they are very good and wide sources. If you prefer to read less political and lighter, you should use regional cultural platforms or Vogue Arabia.