How to Involve Parents in Education in 7 Ways?

How to Involve Parents in Education in 7 Ways?

Before Covid 19 process, educators thought about that how to involve parents in education , but now, times and questions changed. These days educators think generally, and the new question is how to involve parents in education.

Education is a concept that begins in the family so involving parents in education is part of education/life. Education cannot be thought of without parents, teachers, and children’s social environment. You may think that why is important for parents to be involved in education. To understand this question, first, we should examine parents’ role in education.

Parents Role in Education : How to Involve Parents in Education

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Parents play a vital role in their children’s lives, and education is the most important stage of it. As we mentioned before, education begins in the family, not in schools. If parents view high marks for their children, they are wrong. The hugest role of parents in education is to teach self-learning and self-motivation concepts. However, just teaching these concepts is not enough. Parents should apply these concepts in their life because children imitate whatever they see. If parents practice them without any pressure, these two questions will be solved; how to involve families in early childhood education and how to involve parents in inclusive education. 

To become a self-learner, some clues are like below for parents;

  • Do you have a goal? Maybe you hear a million times the sentence “dreaming is half the success”. Let us start with dreaming/setting a goal because having a purpose will bring self-motivation with it, and a self-motivated person can learn without any aid.
  • Seeking out people who have accomplished similar things to your purpose will motivate you. Thanks to this, you can try and choose the most effective way while reaching the aim.
  • Stop and watch yourself. If you analyze your learning process you can find answers to the questions such as what is the most effective study method, and what time of the day you can learn better and go on.
  • Find trustable and qualified people to take feedback. Feedbacks demonstrate our positive and adverse sides through the eyes of others since sometimes people cannot realize their wrongness. This is where feedback comes in.

These four points are an answer to what is the role of parents in special education. Parents will see that when they follow these points, their children will act like them, and self-motivation or self-learning concepts will be created automatically.

How to Involve Parents in Early Childhood Education in 7 Ways – Parental Involvement in Education


The collaboration of parents and teachers is a good way both for the success of children and for their daily problems. Why this cooperation so important? Because, each family has a unique cultural environment, family-style, and children’s relations. These directly affect the academic success of students. However, some parents may deny this joint venture because they think that teaching is a teachers’ occupation. We have prepared 7 ways to involve parents in children’s education for teacher so that teachers don’t have trouble cooperating with-h families. These ways also an answer to how to engage parents in the school. Let us start;

1. Introduce yourself to parents and ask them to introduce themselves ( How to Involve Parents in Education )

As a teacher, when you meet parents, you should address them by name. In this way, the parents will be more willing to communicate with you. Also, keep a virtual notebook for each parent and student. Being virtual will prevent information from being lost and easily changeable. This notebook will be a reflection of the parents and students.

2. You should let the families ask questions ( How to Involve Parents in Education )

When teachers talk to families, they should stay away from professional jargon. This way provides comfortable communication, and families don’t feel tense. Besides, the intended communication flow is provided.


3. Not exposing families to one type of communication

When technology was not that advanced, teachers would often invite parents into their office and talk about the kids’ problems. Time changed and so many ways exist to communicate them. Ask parents which communication ways are convenient for them.

4. Create a Whatsaapp group with parents ( how to involve parents in education )

On the WhatsApp group, you can send them class activities, homework, and meetings. Besides, sharing funny moments are easy in these kinds of groups. For example, you can record videos or pictures when the class sings a song.

5. Give importance of parent involvement in the classroom and involvement of parents in the classroom activities ( How to Involve Parents in Education )

Tell them why parents have a vital role in education and create some activities which include families. For example, you can make the day of families introduce their profession or make a class party. Thanks to similar activities, parents will encounter and know other parents, they will benefit from each other.  Also, as a teacher, you can observe the relationship between students and their parents.


6. Ask them how to get parents involved in in school activities

Sometimes the activities you teachers deem appropriate may not be suitable for parents. At such moments, it would be useful to ask parents what can they make for the classroom. This is a way for parents to take responsibility and keep them creative.

7. Tell them importance of parental involvement in education ( how to involve parents in education )

People want to know the reason for what they do, and so do families. The teacher should explain to the family why they are an important part of education. In addition, various statistics and examples can be presented to families on this issue. This way, they do not have any question marks in mind.

We have chosen the most effective way for you among dozens of ways to involve families in education. You can produce and implement your strategies based on your observations. But it should not be forgotten that if you aim to include families in education, you should keep your communication with them tight. the rest will come automatically.

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Before Covid 19 process, educators thought about that how to involve parents in education , but now, times and questions changed. These days educators think generally, and the new question is how to involve parents in education.