The Best Online Quiz Maker for Teachers in 10 Steps

The Best Online Quiz Maker for Teachers in 10 Steps

Especially in the last year, to find a good online quiz maker for teachers has been very important. Not being able to go to schools physically forces them look for online quiz maker for teachers. What can teachers do about it? What is the best online quiz maker for teachers? Can I find an online quiz maker free, or an online quiz creator must be paid per year or month? In this article on the Teachers College category, it is aimed to answer these questions

How to Find Online Quiz Maker for Teachers?

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When you need an online quiz maker for teachers, the first thing you need to do is decide what kind of quiz you are going to do. Will you make a multiple-choice test, open-ended questions, or true/false questions? After deciding what kind of quiz, you are making, you can decide on what online quiz maker for teachers you will use. Some quiz makers may require you to enable JavaScript, but it is very easy to do.

1- Trivia Bliss : Free Online Test Maker for Teachers Printable

If you require an online quiz maker for teachers that is also printable, the website you are looking for is . There are hundreds of questions in various topics, categories, and even games you can choose from. It is a free quiz maker.

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2- Google Forms + Flubaroo : Free Online Test Maker for Teachers Google

If you need an online quiz maker for teachers and you are a Google user, you can try and experiment Google Forms with Flubaroo. The first thing you need to create a Google Form and fill in the answers before assigning the quiz. And then, you will use the Flubaroo tool to be able to grade your students. The platform also allows you to review the grades in a separate worksheet.

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3- Test Easy : Free Online Test Maker for Teachers App

Another online quiz maker for teachers is Test Easy. It’s an application that helps teachers create, publish and share tests. This application is perfect for educators, trainers, non-profits, businesses and other professionals. It’s never been faster or easier to make a test!

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4- FlexiQuiz : Test Generator Software for Teachers

FlexiQuiz is a perfect online free test maker for teachers because it helps teachers to create assessment that measure students’ performances in various ways. The platform aims to engage students, check learner’s knowledge and understanding, save teachers’ time, and track students’ progress.

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5- Easy Test Maker : It Really Is Easy

If you are looking for an easy to use an online quiz maker for teachers, you can check Easy Test Maker. It is very simple to add multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, T/F or open-ended questions. You can write down instructions or divide your test into sections. You can create an exam from a test which you already have, or even copy a question. There is also a question pool which you can pick up questions randomly or intentionally. It has a free basic plan. So just go for it and use this magical online quiz maker.

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6- QuizFaber : Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Free Download

Besides finding an online quiz maker for teachers, it’s also important to find applications such as QuizFaber to help you out with making quizzes. QuizFaber is designed to be used in Windows. The software allows educators to make quizzes with MCQs, multiple choice, multiple answer, T or F, fill in the gaps, matching, and more.

Use QuizFaber

7- Survey Monkey: Online Multiple Choice Quiz

Are you looking for an easy to use online quiz maker for teachers which allows you create multiple choice questions, and shows you the results immediately? Survey Monkey can be one of the best options for you. If you check its website , you can observe how easy it is to make quizzes. You should make your own questions, there is no question pool that you can choose from. Besides the fact that it allows you to create online quizzes, it shows you the quiz results in real time as students complete. It has net promoter score.

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8- Proprofs Quiz Maker : One of the Best Online Test Makers

ProProf is an online quiz maker for teachers. It has more than a hundred quiz templates and thousands of questions which are already ready. If you want to create quizzes with a colleague, you can work on the same quiz at the same time. You can easily import the questions that you create by using an excel sheet. You can assign points to correct answers of questions.

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9- Teachermade : An Online Quiz Maker for Teachers That Must Be Tried

For teachermade, you should visit their official website: This is a very user-friendly platform which is one of the best online quiz makers. You can upload any form of document to transfer it into the online form. You can add question types including multiple choice, short answers, T/F, and so on. You can send your quiz to you students by using just a link. It allows you know if your students have entered the quiz, or not. It even marks the quizzes for you! You can control learning management system thanks to it and you can write the testing rules.

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10- Ispring Quizmaker : One of The Best Online Quiz Maker for Teachers

Ispring Quizmaker is a platform that you can use for free. It helps you create quizzes based on real work situations to identify employees’ or students’ skill gaps. It’s very user-friendly. You can easily read the repots and analyze results to generate insights.

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To sum up, it can be said that there are many platforms on the web for teachers use, if what they need is an online quiz maker for teachers.