How Much is Youtube TV: 3 Best Streaming Services 2022

How Much is Youtube TV: 3 Best Streaming Services 2022

How much is Youtube TV are you looking for the best streaming services? You can compare the prices of Youtube TV and other streaming services.

Youtube TV could be one of the best streaming services that includes sports, movies and tv shows as wireless streams. But there are many streaming services like this one and it may be more convenient than Youtube TV. You may want to watch the latest movies and live matches by disconnecting the cable.

The biggest reason for how much is Youtube Tv query is not knowing other streaming services. Maybe besides Youtube TV, streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu Plus Live TV might be according to your need. In order to make the most accurate comparison, we have prepared for you the best 3 streaming services with their prices…

1. Youtube TV – Best Streaming Service Overall: How Much is Youtube TV

How Much is Youtube TV

As the answer to the query how much is Youtube TV free with premium, it is better than all its competitors. You can get these services for just $64.99 from the basic package. The package gives you unlimited DVR space and 9 months to watch the recordings. While other streaming services give 30 days, Youtube TV gives a significant period of 9 months.

If you want to have simple interface, have 4K live streams and Surround sound technology, this might be the best option for you. Also, if you want, you can have different features by installing the plugin for just $20. In addition, as of August 2022, it offers a $10 package discount to every new user. That means you can get the basic package which is $64.99 for just $54.99.

2. Sling TV – Best Streaming Service for Its Money: How Much is Youtube TV

YouTube video

Perhaps the biggest competitor of the how much is Youtube TV query is this streaming service. Because its price is only $35 for the features it offers and it has a really good live TV stream. If you are looking for a wireless streaming service at an affordable price, it may be one of the places you should choose.

Sling TV is cheaper than Youtube TV because it contains fewer local stations. Forget the local CBS station, channels like ABC. But there are local FOX and NBC channels but very limited. If you just want to watch the channels you want, you can choose Sling Orange or Sling Blue, and have any of the ESPN/Disney and FOX/NBC packages.

3. Hulu Plus Live TV – The Most Preferred Streaming Service: How Much is Youtube TV

How Much is Youtube TV

Hulu Plus Live TV is the most preferred streaming service that you can get for $70 per month with its unlimited access to additional services such as Disney Plus. Whoever makes the query how much is Youtube TV should also do this streaming service. Because although it is more expensive than Youtube TV, it is still used by many people.

The main reason for the question how Much is Youtube TV is this streaming service allows you to choose the best live TV. The catalog of content is so extensive that it gives you access to exclusive games like Only Murders in The Building and such channels are unavailable on any other streaming service. Although $70 is a bit high in price, it seems to be worth the service thanks to the content advantage it offers.