The Best Conference Call Services in 15 Steps

The Best Conference Call Services in 15 Steps

Due to the Covid-19 process, we are in, almost all of us have been looking for best conference call services. Maybe we’ve never had so many video calls and exposure in our lives. In fact, thanks to these apps, a person living in India can work in America from afar. Video calling applications are now indispensable.

Do you think Graham Bell, who produced the first telephone in the eighteenth century, could have believed that the phone he produced would develop this much? Of course, communication was not limited to Graham Bell’s invention. In advance, mail, pc, smartphones followed this order; that is, people always found the way of remote communication. Do you think that communicating with pigeons was one of the first applications of remote communication and best conference call services of those times?

As we said, people always found a way to communicate; they could not prevent this with covid 19. Did you know that one of the most searched titles last year was “best free conference call service 2020“? Of course, these searches are also valid for 2021. Without further ado, let’s find out what the best free conference call service is.

The 15 Best Conference Call Service Apps That Will Help You a Lot

If you have a camera or a smartphone, video chat is very, very easy. Before you did the research, we researched what the best free conference call service for you is. Thanks to these applications, it is possible to maintain mass and video meetings in very high quality. After you decide which application is suitable for you, you can download the application you want from google play.

Let’s decide together which is the best conference call services .

1 – Skype is One of  the Most Important Dial-In A Conference Call


Although we cannot call Skype the best conference call services, we can say that it is the oldest video calling application. Skype is one of the tools used with both phone and computer. With which we communicate over the Internet, this tool is one of the oldest and most widely used tools in the world of technology.

Skype was developed by the Microsoft team and has been on the market since 2003. That’s why we decided to show Skype as the best dial-in conference call.With Skype you can host meetings for up to 24 people, all in HD quality. The application has instant messaging, photo and audio sharing, voice calling features. It is completely free. It is also possible to manage multiple meetings by opening different rooms in Skype.

Download Skype

2 – Zoom Cloud Meetings is a Part Of Online Classes – Best Free Conference Call Service

Zoom cloud meetings have become one of the indispensable applications of almost all schools in the world. The maximum number of people who can participate in meetings via Zoom is 100. We can say that Zoom is the best free conference call service.

With Zoom, you can share your screen, make video calls and open different rooms within the zoom. It is also possible to share photos and files. If you are looking for an application and want this application’s features to be as follows: I can use the background I want, it is easy to use and free, I can share the screen from both computer and phone. Here’s the zoom for you as an best free conference call service.

Download Zoom

3 – Microsoft Teams Conference Call – The Best Conference Call Services

Microsoft Teams Conference Call - The Best Conference Call Services

Microsoft Teams Conference Call – The Best Conference Call Services

Microsoft Teams Conference Call is one of the best conference call service. Individuals can make a call with it both phoe and computer. Setting it is enough on your device for an online meeting. It is suitable for audio conference  for fixed or lead meetings.

Also conference call number is not necessary to make a meeting with Microsoft teams conference call. You can organize online panels with a maximum of 250 people and make the fat ones closed.

Download Microsoft Teams

4 – Is There Anyone Among Us Who does not Use WhatsApp?

Is There Anyone Among Us Who does not Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is seen by many people around the world as the best conference call services. WhatsApp is an online chat application purchased by Facebook. It’s not just for messaging, recording audio, and shooting videos. Video calls can also be made via WhatsApp. This utterly free application also has features such as location sharing, voice acceleration.

The application used by almost every person in the world allows document sharing and can be used on both pc, phones, and tablets. It would not be wrong to say that WhatsApp, one of the most downloaded applications in the world, is one of the best audio conferencing services. Although WhatsApp announced that personal data would be sold about 3 months ago, people could not give up on WhatsApp because it was easy and practical to use.

Download WhatsApp

5 – Hangout is Kind of Modereted Conference Call Service

Hangout is one of the WhatsApp-like apps developed by Google LLC. A group can be formed with approximately 150 people with this application, and a conversation can be started. You can make video calls with up to 10 people.

What’s the best part? It is possible to use this application even if there is no internet. This application, which is entirely free and easy to use, can be installed on any device, regardless of operating systems, such as android mac. This application, which takes fifth place among the best conference call service list, can also take the first place for you.

Download Hangout

6 – GoToMeeting Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

The Best Conference Call Services

The Best Conference Call Services

Holding conference meetings is part of virtual socialization. While virtual socializing is so important, finding the best conference call services application has become essential. GoToMeeting is an application that allows this. According to the developers, the audio and video quality within the application is crystal clear. Although it is not as well known as other video calling application companies today, it offers you a very comfortable conversation.

This application, which has more than 10 million users, allows you to meet with your loved ones no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a phone or tablet and the internet. However, this app is unfortunately not free—the app, which is free for the first 14 days, charges after 14 days.

Download GoToMeeting

7 – Jitsi Meet – The Best Conference Call Service

The Best Conference Call Services

The Best Conference Call Services

Jitsi Meet application is the only application that allows video chat without a person limit, so we can say that it is the best conference call service application. The number of people to be connected depends on the internet speed and capacity of the room creator. The best video calling application that can provide password protection to live conferences does not require any account setup. Jitsi Meet, which enables high-quality audio and video sharing, is entirely free. However, the application does not have Turkish language support.

Download Jitsi Meet

8 – Facebook Messenger is Another Facebook’s Application

At this time, we can connect and use both WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to the messenger. When people think of social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook. Messenger is the message section of Facebook. Even though it was used only for daily correspondence, it now does everything imaginable, like almost every messaging application.

Messenger, one of the best conference call services, is one of the best in 2021. It is open to anyone with a Facebook account, and conference calls can be made quickly through this app.

Download Facebook Messenger

9 – Discord is One of  the Most Used Conference Call Service

The Best Conference Call Services

The 15 Best Conference Call Service Apps That Will Help You a Lot

Discord is often used by game channel owners and is one of the best conference call services. Discord created the first room logic. By doing so, it created rooms to discuss the subtopics of the meeting and avoided confusion.

With the discord channels where you can organize audio and video meetings, you can transfer files and send photos and videos. With the tagging feature, you can instantly reach the message you want, even if there are thousands of messages. Discord seems like a good choice these days.

Download Discord

10 – Tango is not Just a Kind of Dance : The Best Conference Call Service

Tango is not Just a Kind of Dance : The Best Conference Call Service

Tango is not Just a Kind of Dance : The Best Conference Call Service

We are all familiar with the Tango application from televisions. When WhatsApp data breach news broke, almost everyone started downloading Tango because it has more features than WhatsApp. It is the best conference call services application with voice acceleration, message backup, video conferencing, and conference recording.

The Tango application, which was released in 2009, can never be stopped because it is convenient. In this application, you can also play online games with the person in front of you while video talking—advice from us to you.

Download Tango

11 – Viber Continues to Spread Rapidly : The Best Conference Call Service

Another title in the list of applications that offer the best quality video chat application is Viber. One of the best conference call services, Viber is being provided to people as web-supported. It is possible to talk and chat with people who have an account on Viber at any time. There is no fee request. Having a valuable and eye-catching panel makes the application one step ahead of the others. Is Viber the best conference call services or not up to you?

Download Viber

12 – With Tox Avoid From Whole Toxic People : The Best Conference Call Service

The Best Conference Call Services

The 15 Best Conference Call Service Apps That Will Help You a Lot

Tox, which can be downloaded from all kinds of operating systems and intelligent technological tools, is famous for its blocking feature regardless of Android and MAC. You can block people you don’t like during instant messaging and prevent receiving messages and information from them.

Of course, it also supports video calling to be the best conference call services app. However, it is more suitable for individual video conversations with two people. It cannot be said that it is a useful application for a multi-video chat. You can download it from Google Play or their website to try and see.

Download Tox

13 – ICQ – I Seek You : The Best Conference Call Service

Can we see the ICQ as an best conference call services. Lets decide together. The application, which was created as a messaging application in 1996, is quite old. The fact that it has been suitable for download on application platforms for many years shows its quality. The best conference call services application, which is also helpful, initially only had a messaging feature. With the developing technology, adding the video call feature within the application has added a new one to its advantages.

Download ICQ

14 – With Spike Lets Speak : The Best Conference Call Service

The Best Conference Call Services

The 15 Best Conference Call Service Apps That Will Help You a Lot

Are you looking up the best conference call services, but you could not find? You should not been meet with Spike. It is an application with an innovative perspective among video chat applications. Android and iOs support the application created for multiple conversations and conferences. The fact that it is free has an impact on users’ selection.

The best conference call services application offered free to individual users maintains its advantage by being preferred over websites. However, it should be noted that a specific fee is charged for professional users.

Download Spike

15 – Telegram is not Belong Australia and One of Best Conference Call Service

Telegram is known as the best conference call services australia, but it is wrong information. This application is entire of Russian origin—a fully open source cross-platform instant messaging software. Android and iOS versions are currently available. In addition, it allows opening, fully encrypted communication sessions.

Download Telegram

WhatsApp became the most downloaded application after the data breach incident about three months ago. Its unlimited and fun stickers create a sense of loyalty in people with its features to delete messages whenever you want.

Telagram is an application worth using, not only for messages but also for its video calling feature and unlimited fun background images. If you are seeking the best conference call service, Telegram is convient for you.

All the 15 best conference call Service apps make easy to use not only for instructors but also for students in the best online schools for business management. You can use all the programs and applications in the list for your qualified lessons.

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