The Best Artificial Intelligence Software List in 10 Steps

The Best Artificial Intelligence Software List in 10 Steps

Before we dig into the best artificial intelligence software list, let’s understand what artificial intelligence is. AI (abb of artificial intelligence) is intelligence shown by a machine. Machines are being able to learn and solve problems a human. The cognitive skill they use is artificial intelligence. A machine with artificial intelligence can learn, think, communicate, comprehend, solve problems, predict, and even decide.

Is artificial intelligence software or hardware ?’ is a question people used to ask a lot. However, we can easily say that it is software that enables a machine to use software, which simulates human behaviors.

The top artificial intelligence software companies admit that the key features of success in business intelligence software are natural language processing, natural language understanding, robotic process automation, real time process automation, decision making, predictive analytics, and using machine learning.

What are the Best Artificial Intelligence Software Examples?

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The number of people working on AI software design is increasing day by day. Even children are willing to have an AI creator program so that they can have their AI software free. Here is a list of the best artificial intelligence software examples.

1- Looking for an AI Software Free? Here is Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow is an artificial intelligence software which is developed by Google Brain to be used in Google. It was first launched in 2017. It is basically a free and open-source software library.

Tensor Flow is a second-generation system of Google Brain. It is able to work on more than one GPU (abb Graphics Processing Unit), TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), CPU (Central Processing Unit). Tensor Flow is available on all the mobile data processing platforms including Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

2- H2O – A Software Leads the Industry

H2O is artificial intelligence software which is developed by Silicon Valley. It is an open source data science and machine learning system. It was first launched in 2018, and it has been growing since then. We can easily say that is one of the top artificial software companies in the world.

H2o has a support system which uses statistical and machine learning algorithms. It contains gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning, and more. H2O has a AI software design that is beyond the industry. Its AutoML automatically runs through all the algorithms and their hyperparameters in order to produce a leaderboard of the best models.


3- Ibm Watson is an Answer to Your Question

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence program that is developed by IBM. It aims is to have an artificial intelligence design that can understand and answer questions in real life language. It was named after Thomas J. Watson who was one of the leaders of IBM. It was first launched in 2010.

After completing Jeopardy!, IBM Watson directed its focus to medicine. They created an ai software design that makes utilization management decisions in lung cancer treatment in February 2013. After it was used at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, 90% of nurses said they would follow its guidance.

4- Google AI Platform is One of the Best in the Field

Google AI Platform is an artificial intelligence software developed by Google. It was designed to streamline ML workflows, and access groundbreaking AI. It was first launched in 2008, and it has been kept developed since then.

The main target of this AI software design is to use an AI Platform to train machine learning models at scale, to host the trained model in the cloud, and to use a model to make predictions about new data.


5- Azure Machine Learning Does Really Make a Machine Learn!

Azure Machine Learning is another artificial intelligence software developed by Microsoft. It is a cloud-based service that creates and manages machine learning. It was first launched in 2019.

Azure Machine Learning is used to distribute, atomize, lead, and follow. It also helps data scientists and engineers to support their data processing and model improvement skills and frameworks.

6- Infosys Nia – A New Era to Enterprise AI Platforms

Nia is a next-generation artificial intelligence platform developed by Infosys. It is an enterprise-grade AI platform. It was first launched in 2017.

Nia aims to simplify the AI adaptation tasks for Business and Information Technologies. It enables end-to-end enterprise journeys from data management, digitization of documents and images, model development to operationalizing models.


7- What Criminals Must Fear: Ayasdi

Ayasdi is a machine one of the top artificial intelligence software company. It offers a software platform and to organizations looking to analyze and build predictive models using big data or highly dimensional data sets.

Organizations and even government ask Ayasdi for help to detect crimes such as financial crime, money laundering, and fraud. Did you know that thanks to Ayasdi’s AI software design, numerous crimes were discovered, such as 45 million dollars in tax evasion, 3 criminal conspiracies, and more than 245 million dollars in money laundering?

8- Ready – Steady – Egati

Engati is a free multilingual Digital CX platform. It is one of the best artificial intelligence software designs in the world. It basically enables you to chat.

Engati builds bots in a very short time without programming. All you need to do is to build and publish across 8 major platforms, including FB messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Telegram, and website. It supports more than 250 people per day. They have outstanding customer service.


9- Content DNA – Time to Classify the Content

Content DNA is one of the best ai software design which has a powerful computer vision and machine learning based on the framework for content classification. It can identify many data about each scene or the entire video, even the emotions of the characters and the nature of actions.

Thanks to this AI software design, you can easily apply deep content analysis on clip or scene level to locate the most relevant spots for ad insertion and serve ads in the most appropriate context to maximize their effectiveness.

10- Amazon Alexa : Can You Please Talk to Me?

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based artificial intelligence software that can be used by millions of devices. I can understand many languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish as if they are its natural language.

Alexa’s AI software design enables you to be connected to the devices like cameras, lights, and entertainment applications. It is also integrated with the existing products using AVS which stands for Alexa Voice Service.

Who Doesn’t Like Bonuses: Wipro Holmes

Here is a wonderful AI software design. Holmes is a cognitive computing system developed by Wipro . It was first launched in 2016. What it can do is development of digital virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, knowledge virtualization, robotics, and drones.


The Best Artificial Intelligence Software List in 10 Steps

In this rapidly changing world, it is not easy to have the best artificial intelligence software list in 10 steps. It is obvious that we need tools to help us search, read results, and review analytics.  If you want to get an artificial intelligence software download, you can look for it online. You can even find an ai software free educational technologieswhich are one of the most important elements. You can look for based machine learning, analytics software, and project management software.