The Best 7 STEM Engineering Kits For Middle School

The Best 7 STEM Engineering Kits For Middle School

Nowadays, teachers and parents probably hear these words so much; STEM engineering kits. Before explaining these kits, let us define what STEM is. STEM is the abbreviation of science, technology, engineering, and math. If we include the letter “a,” i.e., art, this concept is called steam. STEM education aims to create solutions to the problems we encounter in our lives with the combination of science, mathematics, and technology.


In other words, this education model’s primary purpose can be seen as producing and offering creative solutions. This system also enables students to think critically and to be aware of their responsibilities. In short, STEM is not a uniform and success-oriented training system. It provides competence in many areas, from agriculture to environmental management.

Recently, educational institutions are aware of the importance of STEM, and therefore, they are establishing STEM laboratories in schools. This article will answer the questions of the best STEM engineering kits and what features should be considered when establishing a STEM laboratory.

What STEM Engineering Kits are Needed for a Newly Established STEM Lab?

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Before a STEM laboratory is established, the target group must analyze very well, and the desired path must be shaped according to the needs of the target group. Separate routes for elementary education, middle education, and high school are examined because the knowledge, attention level, and all the features that will come to mind immediately are different from each age group.

When considering middle school students and before taking stem engineering kits for them, the things to do should be exciting because children can be distracted very quickly. If a lab designed for middle school, the list would be like this;

  • First of all, teachers who will guide children should be prepared for the STEM system and be willing to learn even if they do not know how to solve the problems encountered. Teachers should be able to think creatively and encourage creative thinking, just as students are asked to do. When appropriate, they should leave the role of teachers aside and be part of the students’ teams.
  • A suitable area should be built for the STEM Lab. In this area, students should feel comfortable so that they can find solutions to problems. A nervous and anxious individual cannot show his exact potential for comfort comfortable tables, chairs, or armchairs. Suitable materials for students’ use (notebook, pen, book, eraser, computer, etc.) should be free of charge. This creates a sense of belonging.
  • Robotic coding and artificial intelligence studies should be done, but these studies should be presented by blending science and mathematics. It is more meaningful to create robots with simple materials instead of offering ready-made sets to students. With the set already ready, the students can inevitably create something, and this pushes them to congratulate.
  • All basic experimental materials required for science, mathematics, and computer science should be provided to the school.
  • Basic code training should be given with interactive games that students can love. One computer should be in the lab, one for each student. This is a must for code training.
  • If the laboratory is to be equipped with various smart technological devices, the smart board is suitable for this. Even interactive quizzes, coding, or games can be made throughout the classroom through the smartboard.
  • If we make a generalization, we can say that the root laboratory is a necessary system for the development of every child, but teachers must be willing to use these labs but also be equipped. Root lab looks expensive, but it’s not. This system can be made with basic materials on a low budget. The comfort of the student should be provided, and then experiments should be done to show their creativity.

We learned that what conditions are necessary for a STEM laboratory. Now it is time to learn the best STEM engineering kits.

What are the 7 Best STEM Engineering Kits for Middle School?

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With the widespread and popularization of STEM products, almost every family buys these products for their children, but having too many products in the market can confuse. We have listed the seven best STEM engineering kits for middle school products for you.

1.  STEMpedia Starter Package


STEMpedia starter package is kind of a stem engineering kit, which is one of the most popular STEM tools. This product is easy to use and comprehensive. It is produced with strach based graphical program interface. Also, the STEMpedia starter package has a mobile APP, and users can reach, use it easily. They can join the online courses on that and learn robotic coding with peers.

2. Evo APP Connected Coding Robots


Evo APP Connected Coding Robots ( STEM engineering kits ) helps middle school students develop their STEM skills and grips with robotics and coding basics. It is suitable for primary and middle school children, they can fun when learning new knowledge, and learning is permanent by that tools. Evo APP includes both new technology like robotic and vintage technology like paper-based materials.

3. Groovy Lab in a Box : The Best 7 STEM Engineering Kits For Middle School

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This monthly box is sent to you each month. It includes various tasks to be done monthly. That encourages children to learn and be active because they are willing to see the tasks’ final state. The groovy monthly lab helps students to complete tasks with videos and articles.

4. Lego League

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Games and experiment-based activities should organize both to prevent fears and worries and ensure students’ inner motivation. Lego league aims precisely that. With it problem-solving process and learning robotics coding easier than before. Students can learn critical thinking and work with a team.

5. Molymod Chemistry Model Set : STEM Engineering Kits


Without modeling, learning chemistry on the paper becomes very difficult. With molymod chemistry model set, middle school students can touch and feel molecules. Thanks to it, knowledge will be permanent on the brain. Mel Science created this kit. Have fun with this hands-on learning kit.

6. Creation Crate : The Best 7 STEM Engineering Kits For Middle School


Creation Crate is another monthly STEM kit. It is suitable for middle schools. It has chemistry or math part, and it has full steam products, science, math, engineering, and technology. Children can join challenges on the creation crate APP, and learn from peers.

7. IQ Builder STEM Learning


IQ builder STEM engineering kits consists of a box and many colorful pieces. With it, children can make whatever they want, such as planes and robots. When playing with this toy, children can learn fundamental STEM concepts, and their Daily skills will develop with it.

There are hundreds of STEM machines engineering kit in the education market, we have selected the best ones for middle school students and presented them to you. Teachers and families should make analyzes according to children’s age, abilities and interests and then take the necessary stem engineering & design kit.