5 Tips for Calling Colombia from US

5 Tips for Calling Colombia from US

Your loved ones and friends may be in Colombia and want to get in touch. Because using these steps you can easily get calling Colombia from US.

It’s important to talk to someone if you live in the US and are far from your loved ones. The easiest way to do this is to make a call with the phone or the appropriate device. For the free conference call services USA, it is easier to talk between states, but if you are in a different country, these methods may work for you.

Learning that you can make international calls means you can easily contact your loved ones and friends in Colombia. To be close to those you care about, you will need the Colombia access code and the US exit code.

Once you know that a call is made on your mobile phone, whether you search on calling cards or applications, knowing them will save lives. That’s why calling Colombia from US will always make your life easier.

We have listed 5 steps to make calling Colombia from US so it will not be impossible to talk to the person you want.

1. Mobile Phone: Calling Colombia From US

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To call Colombia, the first step is to make a call with the US exit code using a mobile phone. The US exit code starts with ‘011’ and you can call the person you want by typing the phone number for the next number.

This allows the phone provider to forward to the country. Valid for exiting the United States with +011 unique number forwarding to country.

You can contact the person in Colombia as follows:

  • +011 XX X XXX XXXX

2. Searching with Colombia Country Code: Calling Colombia From US

calling Colombia from US

Calling Colombia from US is not enough on its own in some cases. When that happens, you may need to add the Colombia country code along with the US exit code. This means that the phone provider is calling Colombia and all forwarding will be valid for that country.

Each country has its own unique country code. The country code for Colombia starts with ’57’. You can write down the phone you will contact with the country code as follows.

  • +011 57 X XXX XXXX

3. Making a Call with a Mobile Network Code: Calling Colombia From US

calling Colombia from US

Sometimes the area code and country code are not enough to call Colombia. When this happens you will need to add the network code for your mobile phone. If the person you are calling knows the mobile network code, they can give it. If he does not know, he should easily get it by contacting customer service through the mobile network provider.

Mobile code, the functional feature is preferred to make calling Colombia from US. The mobile code is a 3-digit code, so if the person you’re calling doesn’t know it, you can tell them. To call your friend in Colombia, you can enter the number as in the example below:

  • +011 57 478 xxx xxxx

4. Adding Area Code for Landline: Calling Colombia From US

calling Colombia from US

If you want to call the phone with a fixed error on your mobile, you will need to add the area code for Colombia. Before dialing, you must do so by entering the area code, country code, mobile network code and Colombia area code. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reach the number.

If you don’t know the area codes in calling Colombia from US, you can look up each region below:

  • Bogota: 1
  • Cali: 2
  • Palmira: 2
  • Medellin: 4
  • Santa Marta: 5
  • Cartagena: 5
  • Barranquilla: 5
  • Armenia: 6
  • Manizales: 6
  • Pereira: 6
  • Bucaramanga: 7
  • Cucuta: 7
  • Ibague: 8
  • Neiva: 8
  • Villavicencio: 8

Once you know the Colombian region codes, you can dial the number as follows:

  • +011 57 478 4 XXX XXXX or +011 57 4 XXX XXXX

Things to Consider for Mobile Phone and Fixed Line: Calling Colombia From US

  • You need to add the remaining 7 numbers to make a call
  • When dialing a phone number, you must pretend to dial any number for the United States
  • For the mobile phone, you need to dial 10 digits in total
  • If you want to call the fixed line, it will be enough to dial 8 digits

5. Smartphone Applications: Calling Colombia From US

Calling Colombia from US can be a bit costly. That’s why you can call your loved ones from smartphones only with Wifi for free. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype make international calls.

Phone apps not only allow you to make your call but also answer the question of ‘how to text Colombia from us‘. In other words, this means that you will be able to speak with peace of mind via video or text.

The thing you should pay attention to when using these applications is that some applications charge per call. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to read the guidelines and policies without using an app.