The Best Elementary Schools in Japan 2021

The Best Elementary Schools in Japan 2021

There are the best elementary schools in Japan. If it is a puclic school or a private school, there is no diffirence, and also there will be most likely an efficent educatin for your children. If you are looking for an excellent education in Japan, this country offers a high scored ranking in education systems all around the World.

Basic school education system depends on first step; elementary school which lasting six years, second; three years middle school, next; three years lasting high school and finally; university education for four years. In Japan Education is compulsory for elementary and middle school students.

Why Japan has the best education system? The education system of Japan is one of the best system all around the World. Elementary classes are large in Japan. There are almost thirty or forty students in each classes. Students are divided into small work groups and they have disciplinary and academic education. Japanese education system is very strong in terms of communal learning, morality, and social development.

International Schools in Japan

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There are also International schools in Japan for foreigners. The best elementary schools in Japan provides a perfect service for also foreigners. A lot of people comes to Japan for any reason and the country is very famous with its educational advantages. Foreign children and natice children have the same rights for education.

1 – Elementary Schools in Japan For Foreigners


You decided to move to Japan and you have children, so you are lucky. Because Japan is known with its high education standards with its the best elementary schools in Japan. This is because  the school system in Japan highlights to develop students as “whole people”. This measns that when they graduate they have an internatioanl personality.

What is the best international school in Japan? Shall we see the best International Schools in Tokyo?

2 – Bilingual Schools in Japan

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There are a lot of school that support bilingualism and follow bilingual education system. Let’s see the best elementary schools in Japan in bilingual education system:

  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • Clarence Internatioanl School
  • New International School of Japan
  • United Schools of Tokyo
  • Axis International School
  • Horizan Japan International School
  • Tokyo Bay International School
  • Laurus International School
  • The French-Japanese Internationl School of Tokyo

Best Schools in Japan


Because of the counrty’s well-qualified education system, there is no diffirence enrolling to a public, private or international school in Japan. Each schools provides a maximum standard for a child.

All the schools and the educators are perfect in Japan schools, however let’s see some of the best elementary schools in Japan together:

  • Chateau School
  • Tokyo
  • Ayla International School
  • Canadian Academy
  • Central Forest International School are some the examples for best schools in Japan.

Best Elementary Schools in Tokyo

Best Elementary Schools in Tokyo

In Japan education system, elementary school is compulsory and there is no chance rather than enrolling a child to school. So, the beginning of an education life is very important.

The list of the best elementary schools in Tokyo below;

  • Higaschimschi Elementary School
  • Shibuya Sarugakı
  • Arima Elementary School
  • Nishimachi International School
  • Seinan Elemtary School are best elementary schools for a pupil.

Private Schools in Japan

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Private Schools are very favorite in Japan. Families prefer private schools, because they offer a wide academic satandard for children.  There are less students in the classes, extra activities such as sport and arts. One of the most attractive part of private schools is that their performance in acceptance of a college or universty has very high rate. The British School is one the best elementary schools in Japan with its IB Program.

Public Schools in Japan

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Public schools are free in Japan. So most of the population prefers public schools. In Japan all the forein children have the same rights with the native Japanese children in terms of education. There are the best elementary schools in Japan.

There are 10 things you ought to know about Japanese public schools:

  • Students go to school by themselves or in a group without parents.
  • School lunch is prepared at school.
  • Students have to clean the school by themselves.
  • Swimming lessons are part of elementary school.
  • In winter, students participate in a running competition.
  • There are after school care classes.
  • Students have to change their shoes inside of the school.
  • After school, club activities are available.
  • Students are not allow to carry any accessories and snacks.
  • There are Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Organizations.

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