10 Reasons for Becoming a Special Education Teacher

10 Reasons for Becoming a Special Education Teacher

There are a lot of students who need special care, so becoming a special education teacher becomes a necessity. Becoming a special education teacher is a good and promising career plan for the future.

10 Reasons for Becoming a Special Education Teacher


Nowadays, about thirteen percent of students have some disabilities in the classroom. However, dealing with students with special needs may be difficult. Candidates of special education teachers may wonder should i be a special education teacher or a special education teacher salary. There are 10 reasons for becoming a special education teacher.

1. They Get to Know Students Better

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Special education classrooms consist of very low students. Special students need special care because of that there should not be too many students in one classroom. When there are few students in the classroom, the teacher can both take care of each student and get to know each student more closely. Moreover, another specialist or classroom aide in the classroom, so special education teachers can spend time addressing one student’s need without worrying about other students’ needs. These special needs are very important and personal attention are a very important part of special education classroom.

2. Many Career Opportunities


Becoming a special education teacher does not mean working in a school. However, there are different job opportunities outside of the school environment. There are some programs and organizations which meet the need of individuals with disabilities. Graduates can work as a state supervisor, a case manager, a nonprofit director, or a program coordinator thanks to a special education degree. Moreover, they can be members or CEOs of executive teams. Some graduates may work with students with autism spectrum disorders if they have a professional or personal interest in autism.

3. Lifelong Learning


Life as a special education teacher necessitates lifelong learning. All education teachers should dedicate themselves to improve their knowledge. However, having a bachelor’s degree is the beginning for special education teachers. Special students are a combination of challenges and gifts, because of that teachers should always improve themselves. Sometimes special education teachers are interested in some special subject and decide to improve themselves in order to change their career because of their new professional interest.

4. Rewarding and Meaningful Career


Special education teachers dedicate themselves to work with students with disabilities. Many of teachers think that working with special students is personally meaningful and fulfilling. Moreover, they are very excited to gain rewarding career and they can be paid thanks to that. On the other hand, helping special students and overcome some difficult problems are very big reward just itself. Furthermore, this career brings both job stability and great benefits.

5. Special Education is an Interesting Field


Special education or working with special students are very interesting area for teachers. In traditional classroom, most of students think same way. On the other hand, special kids see situations in different and unique way. Because of that, becoming a special education teacher should have more variety during the school day than other teachers in traditional classrooms. Special education teachers are person centered approach and that makes education as unique and varied as the special students. The most important areas are creativity and compassion for this field. However, these make more difficult special education.

6. Special Education is a Teamwork


Special education is sometimes difficult to find best way to respond to a class or an individual. Because of that, importance of being team is always emphasized in special education programs. special education teachers generally work with other specialists or classroom aides who are active and vital members of a team. Moreover, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) generally takes advantage of professionals. Beside all these, family members are other important part of special education. Family members can work with other team members to support special students’ education and find the best way for independence.

7.  Great Demand for Special Education Teachers


There is a shortage in special education teacher for many countries. this shortcoming creates a high demand for most countries. Because of that becoming a special education teacher become more important and necessary. Therefore, special education teachers are becoming a demanded position like a particular need for the education system. A special education teacher has a wider range of career opportunities and more job security than ever before.

8. Salary of a Special Education Teacher


Teachers take the difficult education to support the needs of special students for becoming a special education teacher. Salary may be one of the big reasons for this aim. Salary is changed from location to location and position available with a teaching degree. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., the salary for special education teachers was $58,980 in May 2017. Most states try to develop benefits packages and pay for special teacher education. Because the special education teaching area is one of the missing parts of the education system.

9. Unexpected Mobility in Special Education Teachers

Unexpected Mobility in Special Education Teachers

Because of the nationwide special education, there is a teacher friendly effect in education system. In the U.S., teachers’ certifications are re-evaluated to fill gap of need, with many programs and schools employed from out of the state. Teachers who have special education degree or teaching degree can go from one state to another. That is much easier than past. This means that teacher who have bachelor’s degree in special education can find rewarding jobs in their locations of their dreams.

10. Wide Community for Special Education Teachers : Becoming a Special Education Teacher

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Becoming a special education teacher means that work with a lot of people. Because of that teachers may be a part of some communities. Special education teachers should create enduring relationships with family members, professional relationships with doctors, case managers, behavioral specialists, representatives and advocates of programs by nonprofit groups or state agencies to create Individual Education Plan (IEP). Moreover, teachers can have invaluable source of professional and personal supports, these groups create exciting career opportunities.